n. quality of being indivisible, incapability of being separated into parts
English - Spanish - indivisibility Pronunciation
s. indivisibilidad
English - French - indivisibility Pronunciation
n. indivisibilité
English - German - indivisibility Pronunciation
n. Unteilbarkeit, Untrennbarkeit
English - Italian - indivisibility Pronunciation
s. indivisibilità
English - Portuguese - indivisibility Pronunciation
s. indivisibilidade
English - Russian - indivisibility Pronunciation
с. неделимость
English - Turkish - indivisibility Pronunciation
i. bölünmezlik
English - Albanian - indivisibility Pronunciation
n. pandashmëri
English - Dutch - indivisibility Pronunciation
zn. ondeelbaarheid
English - Greek - indivisibility Pronunciation
ουσ. αδιαίρετο, αδιαιρετότητα
English - Chinese - indivisibility Pronunciation
(名) 不可分割; 不能除尽
English - Chinese - indivisibility Pronunciation
(名) 不可分割; 不能除盡
English - Japanese - indivisibility Pronunciation
(名) 分割できないこと
English - Korean - indivisibility Pronunciation
명. 분할할 수 없음
adjective: impossible of undergoing division Example:An indivisible union of states.
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