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English English - Definition of indocile 
adj. disobedient, undisciplined, unwilling to submit
adj. indocile, rebellious; disobedient, unmanageable, wayward
adj. indocile, disobedient, undisciplined, unamenable
Spanish English To Spanish - indocile 
adj. indócil
French English To French - indocile 
adj. indocile, désobéissant; indiscipliné
German English To German - indocile 
adj. ungelehrig, undiszipliniert, ungehorsam
Italian English To Italian - indocile 
agg. indocile, ribelle, indisciplinato
Portuguese English To Portuguese - indocile 
adj. indócil, indomável
Russian English To Russian - indocile 
прил. непокорный, непослушный, трудновоспитуемый
Turkish English To Turkish - indocile 
s. inatçı, idaresi zor
English French To English - indocile 
adj. indocile, rebellious; disobedient, unmanageable, wayward
English Italian To English - indocile 
adj. indocile, disobedient, undisciplined, unamenable
Albanian English To Albanian - indocile 
adj. pabindur: i pabindur, paedukuar: i paedukuar
Dutch English To Dutch - indocile 
bn. ongezeggelijk
Dutch French To Dutch - indocile 
1. (enfant) onhandelbaar; indociel; rebels; opstandig; weerspannig
2. (conduite) ongehoorzaam; weerspannig; opstandig
ChineseS English To ChineseS - indocile 
(形) 不听话的, 不顺从的; 难教的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - indocile 
(形) 不聽話的, 不順從的; 難教的
Japanese English To Japanese - indocile 
(形) 教えにくい, 従順でない
Korean English To Korean - indocile 
형. 교육하기 힘드는, 다루기 힘드는
German French To German - indocile 
adj. aufsässig, störrisch, widerspenstig, widersetzlich
Italian French To Italian - indocile 
1. (enfant) intrattabile; ribelle
2. (conduite) disobbediente; disubbidiente; insubordinato; indocile; ribelle
Portuguese French To Portuguese - indocile 
1. (enfant) intratável; indócil; rebelde
2. (conduite) desobediente; insubordinado; rebelde
Russian French To Russian - indocile 
a. непослушный, непокорный, трудный, труднообрабатываемый
Spanish French To Spanish - indocile 
1. (enfant) intratable; rebelde
2. (conduite) desobediente; insubordinado; insumiso; indócil; rebelde
Turkish French To Turkish - indocile 
haylaz; dik başlı
French Italian To French - indocile 
(comportamento) désobéissant; insubordonné; indocile
German Italian To German - indocile 
adj. unfolgsam, ungelehrig, unlenkbar, widersetzlich, unbändig, trotzig, aufmüpfig, störrisch


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