Definition of indoctrination Pronunciation
1. The act of indoctrinating, or the condition of being indoctrinated
2. Instruction in the rudiments and principles of any science or belief system; information.
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English - English - indoctrination Pronunciation
n. teaching, instruction; instruction in a particular doctrine or set of beliefs, brainwashing
English - Spanish - indoctrination Pronunciation
s. adoctrinamiento
English - French - indoctrination Pronunciation
n. endoctrinement (d'une idéologie, etc.); enseignement; instruction, inculcation
English - German - indoctrination Pronunciation
n. Lehren, Beibringen, Belehrung; Indoktrinierung (von Idealen, etc.), Gehirnwäsche
English - Indonesian - indoctrination Pronunciation
n. indoktrinasi, pengindoktrinasian
English - Italian - indoctrination Pronunciation
s. indottrinamento, indottrinazione
English - Portuguese - indoctrination Pronunciation
s. doutrinação; lavagem cerebral
English - Romanian - indoctrination Pronunciation
n. îndoctrinare
English - Russian - indoctrination Pronunciation
с. обучение, внушение идей, идеологическая обработка
English - Turkish - indoctrination Pronunciation
i. beyin yıkama, öğretme, zorla kabul ettirme, doktrinleştirme
English - Ukrainian - indoctrination Pronunciation
n. вивчання теорій
English - Dutch - indoctrination Pronunciation
zn. indoctrinatie; het doordringen; het preken
English - Greek - indoctrination Pronunciation
ουσ. κατήχησις, κατήχηση
English - Arabic - indoctrination Pronunciation
حزبية عادية
English - Chinese - indoctrination Pronunciation
(名) 教导; 教化
English - Chinese - indoctrination Pronunciation
(名) 教導; 教化
English - Hindi - indoctrination Pronunciation
n. समझाना, यक़ीन दिलाना, विश्वास दिलाना, यक़ीन, भरोसा, विश्वास, भावना, विचार
English - Japanese - indoctrination Pronunciation
(名) 教え込むこと; 洗脳すること
English - Korean - indoctrination Pronunciation
명. 주입
English - Vietnamese - indoctrination Pronunciation
n. truyền dạy, huấn luyện

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Synonyms for indoctrination
brain-washing: education, instruction