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English English - Definition of indophenol 
n. compound used in dyeing (Chemistry)
n. indophenol, compound used in dyeing (Chemistry)
n. indophenol, compound used in dyeing (Chemistry)
Spanish English To Spanish - indophenol 
s. indofenol (sustancia química que se emplea como colorante)
French English To French - indophenol 
n. indophénol, substance chimique colorante
German English To German - indophenol 
n. Indophenol (chem. Substanz beim Färben benutzt)
Italian English To Italian - indophenol 
s. indofenol (sostanza chimica usata in tinteggiatura)
Portuguese English To Portuguese - indophenol 
s. indofenol (substância química utilizada para pintura)
Turkish English To Turkish - indophenol 
Dutch English To Dutch - indophenol 
zn. Indofenol (chemische stof gebruikt voor kleuring)
Japanese English To Japanese - indophenol 
(名) (化学)インドフェノール, 染料に使われる化合物
(n.) Any one of a series of artificial blue dyestuffs, resembling indigo in appearance, and obtained by the action of phenol on certain nitrogenous derivatives of quinone.
Simple indophenol proper has not yet been isolated.


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