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English English - Definition of induce 
v. cause, bring about, set in motion; influence, persuade, impel; infer, deduce, derive a general proposition from certain facts; produce by means of induction (Physics)
v. induce, persuade, coax; cause, bring, bring about
v. induce; bring; lead; abet; incline
Spanish English To Spanish - induce 
v. inducir, causar, inspirar, instigar, motivar, sugestionar
French English To French - induce 
v. induire; amener; déterminer, influencer, convaincre; produire, provoquer; causer, occasionner; induire (courant électrique); frapper, heurter
German English To German - induce 
v. veranlassen; anlassen; beeinflussen; überreden; folgern; induzieren (Strom); verursachen, einleiten
Italian English To Italian - induce 
v. indurre, persuadere, spingere; provocare, produrre, causare
Portuguese English To Portuguese - induce 
v. induzir; causar; incorrer; influir; convencer; apressar, estimular; induzir corrente elétrica; concluir, derivar
Russian English To Russian - induce 
г. побуждать, склонять, убеждать; заставлять, вызывать, стимулировать, индуктировать; выводить умозаключение путем индукции
Turkish English To Turkish - induce 
f. ikna etmek, kandırmak, teşvik etmek, sebep olmak, uyarmak, indüklemek, sonuç çıkarmak
Albanian English To Albanian - induce 
v. bind, shtyj, nxis, sjell, nxit, shkaktoj, induko [el.]
Dutch English To Dutch - induce 
ww. veroorzaken; drijven; beinvloeden; overtuigen; bespoedigen; aanmoedigen; inspireren; konklusie trekken; moeilijke vraag stellen
Greek English To Greek - induce 
ρήμ. παρακινώ, προτρέπω, επηρεάζω, επιφέρω
ChineseS English To ChineseS - induce 
(动) 劝诱; 导致; 促使
ChineseT English To ChineseT - induce 
(動) 勸誘; 導致; 促使
Japanese English To Japanese - induce 
(動) 引き起こす; その気にさせる; 起こさせる; 推論する; 誘導する(物理学)
Korean English To Korean - induce 
동. 유인하다, 야기시키다; 설득하다, 영향을 주다, 권유하다; 귀납하다, 추론하다; 유도하다 ( 물리)
verb: reason or establish by induction
verb: cause to do; cause to act in a specified manner Example:The ads induced me to buy a VCR.
verb: cause to arise Example:Induce a crisis.
verb: cause to occur rapidly
verb: produce electric current by electrostatic or magnetic processes


 Synonyms for induce
1. generate: cause, muster, effect, produce, breed, bring about, engender
2. persuade: instigate, impel, incite, influence, spur, urge, bring about
Tenses for induce
Present participle: inducing
Present: induce (3.person: induces)
Past: induced
Future: will induce
Present conditional: would induce
Present Perfect: have induced (3.person: has induced)
Past Perfect: had induced
Future Perfect: will have induced
Past conditional: would have induced

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