Definition of indulgent Pronunciation
1. Disposed or prone to indulge, humor, gratify, or give way to one's own or another's desires, etc., or to be compliant, lenient, or forbearing; showing or ready to show favor; favorable; indisposed to be severe or harsh, or to exercise necessary restraint: as, an indulgent parent; to be indulgent to servants.
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English - English - indulgent Pronunciation
adj. tolerant, forbearing, permissive; patient; tending to pamper or spoil
adj. indulgent, forgiving, lenient; liberal; placable, propitious, soft
English - Spanish - indulgent Pronunciation
adj. indulgente
English - French - indulgent Pronunciation
adj. exaucé; aimable; fourni du désir; conciliant, tolérant; indulgent; gâté
English - German - indulgent Pronunciation
adj. nachgiebig, nachsichtig; verwöhnend
English - Indonesian - indulgent Pronunciation
a. sabar, ramah, ramah tamah, pemurah: terlalu pemurah
English - Italian - indulgent Pronunciation
agg. indulgente, benevolo, condiscendente
English - Polish - indulgent Pronunciation
a. pobłażliwy
English - Portuguese - indulgent Pronunciation
adj. indulgente; complacente; generoso; satisfatório; paciente
English - Romanian - indulgent Pronunciation
a. indulgent, îngăduitor
English - Russian - indulgent Pronunciation
прил. снисходительный, терпимый, потворствующий, потакающий
English - Turkish - indulgent Pronunciation
s. hoşgörülü, anlayışlı, yüz veren
English - Ukrainian - indulgent Pronunciation
a. поблажливий, потурати: що потурає
French - English - indulgent Pronunciation
adj. indulgent, forgiving, lenient; liberal; placable, propitious, soft
Romanian - English - indulgent
a. lenient, indulgent, charitable, merciful, clement
English - Dutch - indulgent Pronunciation
bn. toegeeflijk
English - Greek - indulgent Pronunciation
ουσ. επιεικής
French - Spanish - indulgent Pronunciation
1. (général) indulgente; clemente
2. (caractère) indulgente
3. (personne) de criterio amplio; liberal; tolerante 4. (conduite) acomodadizo; nada severo; paciente; tolerante; indulgente
French - German - indulgent Pronunciation
adj. nachsichtig, nachgiebig, langmütig, gnädig, mild, wohlwollend
French - Italian - indulgent Pronunciation
1. (général) indulgente; clemente; disposto al perdono
2. (caractère) indulgente
3. (personne) liberale; tollerante; di mente aperta 4. (conduite) indulgente; compiacente; paziente; tollerante
French - Portuguese - indulgent Pronunciation
1. (général) clemente; indulgente
2. (caractère) indulgente
3. (personne) de cabeça aberta; tolerante; liberal 4. (conduite) complacente; condescendente; flexível; paciente; tolerante
French - Russian - indulgent Pronunciation
a. снисходительный, терпимый, обильный
French - Turkish - indulgent Pronunciation
hoşgörülü, göz yuman
German - Turkish - indulgent Pronunciation
s. hoşgörülü, bağışlayıcı, yumuşak
French - Dutch - indulgent Pronunciation
1. (général) vergevensgezind
2. (caractère) inschikkelijk; toegeeflijk
3. (personne) ruimdenkend; verdraagzaam; ruim van opvattingen 4. (conduite) meegaand; inschikkelijk; toegevend; niet streng; verdraagzaam; toegeeflijk; tolerant; geduldig
English - Arabic - indulgent Pronunciation
‏متساهل، متسامح‏
English - Chinese - indulgent Pronunciation
(形) 纵容的; 溺爱的; 放纵的; 宽容的
English - Chinese - indulgent Pronunciation
(形) 縱容的; 溺愛的; 放縱的; 寬容的
English - Hindi - indulgent Pronunciation
a. आसक्त, कृपालु, रिआयती, दयालु
English - Japanese - indulgent Pronunciation
(形) 寛容な, 寛大な; 我慢する; 甘やかす
English - Korean - indulgent Pronunciation
형. 관용적인, 너그럽게 봐주는; 참아주는; 제멋대로 하게 하는
English - Vietnamese - indulgent Pronunciation
a. dể tánh, nhu nhược, hay chiều ý
German - Chinese - indulgent Pronunciation
adj. 宽大的,宽恕的,宽容的。纵容的。溺爱的。

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Synonyms for indulgent
lenient: easy, easygoing, tractable