Definition of indulgently Pronunciation
1. In an indulgent manner.
I was indulgently advised to give the kids what they wanted unless I wished my son to be socially ostracised.
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English - English - indulgently Pronunciation
adv. leniently, tolerantly, permissively; patiently
English - Spanish - indulgently Pronunciation
adv. indulgentemente, misericordiosamente
English - French - indulgently Pronunciation
adv. de consentement; avec indulgence, avec tolérance, avec clémence; avec générosité; par indulgence (du tribunal)
English - German - indulgently Pronunciation
adv. nachsichtig; nachgiebig, geduldig, duldsam; großzügig; privilegiert
English - Indonesian - indulgently Pronunciation
adv. sangat: dgn sangat sabar, memanjakan: dgn memanjakan
English - Italian - indulgently Pronunciation
avv. indulgentemente; pazientemente; in modo delicato
English - Polish - indulgently Pronunciation
adv. wyrozumiale, względnie
English - Portuguese - indulgently Pronunciation
adv. indulgentemente
English - Russian - indulgently Pronunciation
нареч. снисходительно, милостиво
English - Turkish - indulgently Pronunciation
zf. hoşgörüyle, anlayışla
English - Dutch - indulgently Pronunciation
bw. toegeeflijk
English - Greek - indulgently Pronunciation
(Lex**) επιεικώς
English - Arabic - indulgently Pronunciation
‏على نحو متسامح، على نحو متساهل‏
English - Chinese - indulgently Pronunciation
(副) 放任地; 溺爱地
English - Chinese - indulgently Pronunciation
(副) 放任地; 溺愛地
English - Hindi - indulgently Pronunciation
adv. रिआयत से, दयालुतापूर्ण व्यवहार से
English - Japanese - indulgently Pronunciation
(副) 寛大に; 甘やかして; 辛抱強く
English - Korean - indulgently Pronunciation
부. 제멋대로 하게
English - Vietnamese - indulgently Pronunciation
adv. chiều ý

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