Definition of indurate Pronunciation
1. To harden or to grow hard
2. To make callous or unfeeling
3. To inure; to strengthen; to make hardy or robust.
4. Hardened, obstinate, unfeeling, callous.
The doctor removed a lot of indurate skin from his wound.
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English - English - indurate Pronunciation
v. make hard, harden; make stubborn or unfeeling; become callous or hardened, become accustomed
English - Spanish - indurate Pronunciation
v. endurecer, indurar; inveterarse
English - French - indurate Pronunciation
v. endurer, durcir; s'endurer, s'endurcir
English - German - indurate Pronunciation
v. härten, verhärten; sich verhärten, hart werden
English - Indonesian - indurate Pronunciation
v. mengeras, kejam: menjadi kejam
English - Italian - indurate Pronunciation
v. indurire, rendere duro; (fig) rendere resistente; rendere insensibile
English - Polish - indurate Pronunciation
v. utwardzać, zahartować, utwardzić, zahartowywać
English - Portuguese - indurate Pronunciation
v. enduração
English - Romanian - indurate Pronunciation
v. întări, îndura, căli, împietri: se împietri
English - Russian - indurate Pronunciation
г. делать твердым, отвердевать, черстветь
English - Turkish - indurate Pronunciation
f. sertleştirmek, katılaştırmak, duygusuzlaştırmak, sertleşmek, hissizleşmek, sağlamlaşmak
English - Dutch - indurate Pronunciation
ww. verharden; inwortelen; ingeworteld raken
English - Greek - indurate Pronunciation
ρήμ. αποσκληρύνω, αποσκληρύνομαι
English - Arabic - indurate Pronunciation
‏بس، تصلب، جسأ‏
English - Chinese - indurate Pronunciation
(动) 使硬化; 使冷酷; 使坚硬; 使无感觉; 硬化, 变硬; 巩固起来
English - Chinese - indurate Pronunciation
(動) 使硬化; 使冷酷; 使堅硬; 使無感覺; 硬化, 變硬; 鞏固起來
English - Hindi - indurate Pronunciation
v. कड़ा हो जाना, काठ हो जाना, घनीभूत हो जाना
English - Japanese - indurate Pronunciation
(動) 固くする; 慣れさせる; 無感覚にする; 確立する; 固くなる
English - Korean - indurate Pronunciation
동. 굳게 하다, 단단하게 되다, 굳게 되다, 단단하게 하다, 길들게 하다
English - Vietnamese - indurate Pronunciation
v. làm cho cứng, làm thành vô tình

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Dictionary Extension
Verb forms for indurate
Present participle: indurating
Present: indurate (3.person: indurates)
Past: indurated
Future: will indurate
Present conditional: would indurate
Present Perfect: have indurated (3.person: has indurated)
Past Perfect: had indurated
Future Perfect: will have indurated
Past conditional: would have indurated