Definition of infamy Pronunciation
1. The state of being infamous.
2. A reputation as being evil.
"Infamy, infamy - they've all got it in for me!" - Kenneth Williams as Julius Caesar in Carry On Cleo
"A date which will live in infamy" - Franklin D. Roosevelt in response to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour
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English - English - infamy Pronunciation
n. bad reputation, public shame or disgrace; wicked or immoral act
English - Spanish - infamy Pronunciation
s. infamia, maldad acendrada; oprobio, gran deshonor
English - French - infamy Pronunciation
n. infamie; honte
English - German - infamy Pronunciation
n. Schande, Schmach, Ehrlosigkeit
English - Italian - infamy Pronunciation
s. infamia, disonore, ignominia; scelleratezza, nefandezza; (Dir) perdita dei diritti civili
English - Portuguese - infamy Pronunciation
s. infâmia, vergonha, vexame
English - Russian - infamy Pronunciation
с. позор, бесчестье, бесславие, подлость, низость, постыдное поведение
English - Turkish - infamy Pronunciation
i. kötü şöhret, utanç verici davranış, rezillik, kepazelik
English - Dutch - infamy Pronunciation
zn. schandelijkheid; schanddaad; schaamte
English - Greek - infamy Pronunciation
ουσ. κακοφημία, ατιμία, αίσχος
English - Chinese - infamy Pronunciation
(名) 声名狼藉; 丑行; 丑名
English - Chinese - infamy Pronunciation
(名) 聲名狼藉; 醜行; 醜名
English - Japanese - infamy Pronunciation
(名) 悪評; 邪悪; 不名誉; 恥
English - Korean - infamy Pronunciation
명. 불명예; 사악한 또는 비도덕적인 행동

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Synonyms for infamy
defamation: aspersion, disgrace, blame, obloquy, calumny, censure