Definition of infinite Pronunciation
1. Indefinably large, countlessly great; immense.
2. Boundless, endless, without end or limits; innumerable.
3. With plural noun: infinitely many.
4. Greater than any positive quantity or magnitude; limitless.
5. Having infinitely many elements.
6. Not limited by person or number.
7. Capable of endless repetition; said of certain forms of the canon, also called perpetual fugues, constructed so that their ends lead to their beginnings.
8. Infinitely many.
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English - English - infinite Pronunciation
n. something which is immeasurable; God, being which has no limit; quantity which has no limit (Mathematics)
adj. limitless, boundless, immeasurable; immense, vast; eternal
n. infinity, immeasurableness, eternity
English - Spanish - infinite Pronunciation
s. infinito
adj. infinito, ilimitable, ilimitado, imperecedero, inacabable, inconmensurable, inmensurable, innumerable, interminable, sin fin
English - French - infinite Pronunciation
n. illimité, sans bornes; infini
adj. infini, illimité; grand, énorme
English - German - infinite Pronunciation
n. Unendlichkeit; unendliche Menge (math.)
adj. unendlich, viel, gewaltig
English - Indonesian - infinite Pronunciation
a. terbatas: tak terbatas, terhingga: tak terhingga, maha
English - Italian - infinite Pronunciation
s. infinito; spazio infinito
agg. infinito, senza fine; illimitato, sconfinato; enorme, grandissimo, immenso
English - Polish - infinite Pronunciation
n. bóg {przen.}
a. bezkresny, bezgraniczny, bezbrzeżny, bezdenny, bezmierny, nieograniczony, nieskończony, nieogarniony, bezpodmiotowy, nieosobowy
English - Portuguese - infinite Pronunciation
s. número infinito; deus; o infinito
adj. infinito; enorme; demasiado
English - Romanian - infinite Pronunciation
n. puzderie, puhoi
a. infinit, nemărginit, nesfârşit, neţărmurit, uriaş, enorm, puzderie, nepersonal
English - Russian - infinite Pronunciation
с. бесконечность, множество
прил. бесконечный, беспредельный, безграничный, очень большой, несметный, бесчисленный, неличный
English - Turkish - infinite Pronunciation
s. sınırsız, sonsuz, sayısız
i. sonsuzluk, sonsuz olan şey
English - Ukrainian - infinite Pronunciation
n. безліч, нескінченність
a. нескінченний, незліченний, безконечний, неосягненний
English - Dutch - infinite Pronunciation
zn. oneindigheid; God
bn. eindeloos; veel, groot, enorm
English - Greek - infinite Pronunciation
ουσ. αχανές
επίθ. άπειρος, απέραντος
English - Arabic - infinite Pronunciation
‏شىء غير محدود، عدد لا يحصى‏
‏مطلق، لا نهاية، غير محدود، لامتناه، ضخم إلى أبعد الحدود‏
English - Chinese - infinite Pronunciation
(名) 无限, 神
(形) 无穷的, 极大的, 无限的
English - Chinese - infinite Pronunciation
(名) 無限, 神
(形) 無窮的, 極大的, 無限的
English - Hindi - infinite Pronunciation
a. अपरिमित, अनन्त, असीम, अनंत
English - Japanese - infinite Pronunciation
(形) 無限の; 莫大な; 無量の; 不定の
(名) 無限大; 神, 造物主; 無限の(数学)
English - Korean - infinite Pronunciation
명. 무한정한 것, 무한한 것; 신; 무한대(수학)
형. 무한한, 끝이 없는, 잴 수 없는; 광대한; 영원한
English - Vietnamese - infinite Pronunciation
a. vô cùng, vô hạn, không bờ bến, số vô cực, vô cực, bất định cách, rất nhiều

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Synonyms for infinite
limitless: unlimited, indefinite, eternal, boundless, endless, immeasurable