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English English - Definition of informal 
adj. unofficial, unceremonious; relaxed, casual, easy
adj. informal, offhand; untrustworthy; lackadaisical; unbusinesslike
adj. informal, unceremonious
Spanish English To Spanish - informal 
adj. informal, casual; sin ceremonia; poco cumplido, conversacional
French English To French - informal 
adj. sans cérémonie, simple, sans formalités; libre
German English To German - informal 
adj. zwanglos; informell, ungezwungen
Italian English To Italian - informal 
agg. irregolare; ufficioso, non ufficiale; senza formalità, alla buona; sportivo; per tutti i giorni
Portuguese English To Portuguese - informal 
adj. informal, não oficial; livre
Russian English To Russian - informal 
прил. неофициальный, неформальный, без соблюдения формальностей, непринужденный
Turkish English To Turkish - informal 
s. resmi olmayan, teklifsiz, formaliteye uygun olmayan, kanunen geçersiz, laubali
English Portuguese To English - informal 
adj. informal, unceremonious
English Spanish To English - informal 
adj. informal, offhand, untrustworthy, lackadaisi
Albanian English To Albanian - informal 
adj. thjeshtë: i thjeshtë, jozyrtar, ceremoni: pa ceremoni, joformal
Dutch English To Dutch - informal 
bn. onofficieel; niet formeel; vrijuit
Greek English To Greek - informal 
επίθ. άτυπος, ανεπίσημος
ChineseS English To ChineseS - informal 
(形) 非正式的, 通俗的, 不拘礼的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - informal 
(形) 非正式的, 通俗的, 不拘禮的
Japanese English To Japanese - informal 
(形) 非公式の; 打ち解けた; くつろいだ
Korean English To Korean - informal 
형. 비공식의, 의례적이지 않은; 약식의, 격식을 차리지 않은
French Portuguese To French - informal 
1. (geral) informel
2. (estilo) familier; informel
3. (língua) informel; populaire 4. (vestimenta) sport {invariable}
ChineseT Spanish To ChineseT - informal 
adj. 非正式的 (feı1 zheng4 shı4 de5)
French Spanish To French - informal 
1. (general) informel
2. (estilo) familier; informel
3. (lenguaje) informel 4. (vestuario) sport
German Spanish To German - informal 
a. unzuverlässig, unreell, unsolide, unförmlich, informell, unkonventionell, leger, hemdsärmelig, zwanglos, ungezwungen
Korean Spanish To Korean - informal 
adj. 비공식의
Russian Spanish To Russian - informal 
adj. несерьезный, неофициальный
adjective: not officially recognized or controlled Example:An informal agreement.
adjective: not formal Example:Conservative people unaccustomed to informal dress.
adjective: used of spoken and written language
adjective: having or fostering a warm or friendly atmosphere; especially through smallness and informality Example:A relaxed informal manner.


 Synonyms for informal
casual: relaxed, natural, easy, unofficial, unceremonious, breezy, off-hand

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