Definition of initially Pronunciation
1. At the beginning.
Initially, I found city life incredibly difficult, but now I'm used to it.
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English - English - initially Pronunciation
adv. at first, in the first place, at the beginning
English - Spanish - initially Pronunciation
adv. inicialmente, al principio, desde el comienzo, desde el principio, preliminarmente
English - French - initially Pronunciation
adv. au début, au commencement
English - German - initially Pronunciation
adv. anfänglich, am Anfang
English - Indonesian - initially Pronunciation
adv. permulaan: pd permulaan, awal: pd awalnya, mulanya, mula-mula
English - Italian - initially Pronunciation
avv. inizialmente, da principio, dapprima
English - Polish - initially Pronunciation
adv. początkowo, wstępnie, początek: na początku
English - Portuguese - initially Pronunciation
adv. inicialmente, em primeiro lugar, para começar
English - Romanian - initially Pronunciation
adv. iniţial
English - Russian - initially Pronunciation
нареч. сначала, вначале
English - Turkish - initially Pronunciation
zf. başlangıçta, ilk olarak
English - Ukrainian - initially Pronunciation
adv. спочатку
English - Dutch - initially Pronunciation
bw. in het begin
English - Greek - initially Pronunciation
επίρ. αρχικώς, αρχικά
English - Arabic - initially Pronunciation
‏في البداية، على نحو مستهل، ببداية‏
English - Chinese - initially Pronunciation
(副) 最初; 开头
English - Chinese - initially Pronunciation
(副) 最初; 開頭
English - Hindi - initially Pronunciation
adv. शुरू में, प्रारंभ में, आरंभ में
English - Japanese - initially Pronunciation
(副) 初めに
English - Korean - initially Pronunciation
부. 처음에는
English - Vietnamese - initially Pronunciation
adv. ký tên tắt, chữ phê nhận, chữ đầu tên

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Synonyms for initially
originally: primarily, first, formerly, basically