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English Italian To English - inquieto 
adj. restless, disquiet, uneasy, worried, nervous
English Portuguese To English - inquieto 
adj. unquiet, uneasy; nervous, anxious; fretful, fidgety; preoccupied, troubled; restive, frantic; qualmish; restless, on edge
English Spanish To English - inquieto 
adj. restless, unquiet, worried, disquiet, anxiou
French Italian To French - inquieto 
1. (coscienza) non tranquille 2. (folla) agité; animé
3. (condizione mentale) nerveux; soucieux; anxieux; inquiet; appréhensif; angoissé; tourmenté 4. (sentimento) inquiété; troublé
5. (comportamento) agité
German Italian To German - inquieto 
adj. unruhig, beunruhigt, besorgt, angstvoll, unstet
French Portuguese To French - inquieto 
1. (geral) agité 2. (consciência) non tranquille
3. (multidão) agité; animé 4. (condição mental) anxieux; inquiet; appréhensif; angoissé; soucieux; tourmenté
5. (agitado) nerveux; frétillant
ChineseT Spanish To ChineseT - inquieto 
adj. 不自在 (bu4 zı4 zaı4), 惛怓 (hun1 nao2), 慇 (yın1), 焦 (jıao1), 惴惴 (zhuı4 zhuı4), 盱 (xu1)
French Spanish To French - inquieto 
1. (conciencia) non tranquille 2. (estado mental) anxieux; inquiet; appréhensif; angoissé; soucieux; tourmenté
3. (sentimiento) inquiété; troublé; inquiet; angoissé; soucieux 4. (comportamiento) agité
5. (azogado) nerveux; frétillant
German Spanish To German - inquieto 
a. unruhig, ruhelos, friedlos, zappelig, hektisch, besorgt, sorgenvoll, bange, bang, unstet
Korean Spanish To Korean - inquieto 
adj. 불안한, 걱정하는
Russian Spanish To Russian - inquieto 
adj. беспокойный, бурный


 Synonyms for inquieto
1. irrequieto: impensierito, turbato, allarmato, ansioso, preoccupato, tormentato, apprensivo, crucciato
2. agitato: irrequieto, turbato, tumultuoso, turbolento
3. irritato: risentito, crucciato, stizzito

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