Definition of insalivation Pronunciation
1. The mixing of food with saliva and other oral secretions while eating.
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English - English - insalivation Pronunciation
n. wetting with saliva, mixing with saliva (of food)
English - Spanish - insalivation Pronunciation
s. insalivación
English - French - insalivation Pronunciation
n. salivation
English - German - insalivation Pronunciation
n. Bespucken, Vermischen mit Speichel (Essen betreffend)
English - Italian - insalivation Pronunciation
s. insalivazione
English - Portuguese - insalivation Pronunciation
s. insalivação
English - Dutch - insalivation Pronunciation
zn. natmaken met spuug
English - Greek - insalivation Pronunciation
English - Chinese - insalivation Pronunciation
(名) 混涎作用
English - Chinese - insalivation Pronunciation
(名) 混涎作用
English - Japanese - insalivation Pronunciation
(名) 唾液混和(食べ物への)

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