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English English - Definition of insigne 
n. badge, emblem; mark indicating office or rank; mark of honor
adj. distinguished, noteworthy, remarkable
n. order, insignia, badge; emblem, symbol, ensign
Spanish English To Spanish - insigne 
s. insignia, condecoración
French English To French - insigne 
n. insigne, enseigne
German English To German - insigne 
n. Zeichen, Symbol; Ehrenzeichen
Italian English To Italian - insigne 
s. insegna
Portuguese English To Portuguese - insigne 
s. insígnia, símbolo, enfeite
Russian English To Russian - insigne 
English French To English - insigne 
adj. distinguished, noteworthy, remarkable
English Italian To English - insigne 
adj. distinguished, eminent, great
English Portuguese To English - insigne 
adj. notable
English Spanish To English - insigne 
adj. distinguished, notable
English Dutch To English - insigne 
n. badge, insignia
Dutch English To Dutch - insigne 
zn. Onderscheidingsteken, symbool, teken
French Dutch To French - insigne 
(algemeen) insigne (m); badge (m)
Dutch French To Dutch - insigne 
1. (exemple) uitstekend; uitmuntend; schitterend
2. (général) kenteken (n); insigne (n)
Dutch German To Dutch - insigne 
Japanese English To Japanese - insigne 
(名) 記章; しるし
German French To German - insigne 
n. anstecknadel, abzeichen, rangabzeichen, emblem
adj. eminent
Italian French To Italian - insigne 
1. (exemple) brillante; eccellente
2. (général) badge {invariable}; cartellino nominativo
Portuguese French To Portuguese - insigne 
1. (exemple) brilhante; magnífico; excelente
2. (général) insígnia (f); distintivo (m)
Russian French To Russian - insigne 
n. значок (m), символ (m)
a. выдающийся
Spanish French To Spanish - insigne 
1. (exemple) excelente
2. (général) distintivo (m); insignia (f); placa (f)
Turkish French To Turkish - insigne 
[le] belirti; im, işaret
French Italian To French - insigne 
1. (persona) illustre
2. (notevole) notable; éminent; distingué; de marque
German Italian To German - insigne 
adj. hervorragend, ausgezeichnet, berühmt, groß, außerordentlich, außergewöhnlich, erz-, durchtrieben
French Spanish To French - insigne 
1. (error) énorme; fameux {informal}; flagrant
2. (persona) illustre
German Spanish To German - insigne 
a. berühmt, vorzüglich, ausgezeichnet, eminent


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