Definition of insincere Pronunciation
1. Not genuinely meaning what has been expressed; not sincere; artificial.
Janice's added glares showed that her apology was insincere.
2. Not serious.
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English - English - insincere Pronunciation
adj. dishonest, untruthful, hypocritical
adj. insincere, hypocritical
adj. insincere, two faced
English - Spanish - insincere Pronunciation
adj. insincero, artificial, falaz, fingido, poco sincero
English - French - insincere Pronunciation
adj. peu sincère; faux, hypocrite
English - German - insincere Pronunciation
adj. unaufrichtig, nicht direkt, heuchlerisch, falsch
English - Italian - insincere Pronunciation
agg. insincero, falso, ipocrita
English - Portuguese - insincere Pronunciation
adj. insincero, indireto, esnobe, prepotente
English - Russian - insincere Pronunciation
прил. неискренний, лицемерный
English - Turkish - insincere Pronunciation
s. samimi olmayan, samimiyetsiz, iki yüzlü, sadakâtsiz
English - Dutch - insincere Pronunciation
bn. onoprecht; oneerlijk; huichelachtig
English - Greek - insincere Pronunciation
επίθ. ανειλικρινής, υστερόβουλος
English - Chinese - insincere Pronunciation
(形) 不诚实的, 伪善的, 无诚意的
English - Chinese - insincere Pronunciation
(形) 不誠實的, 偽善的, 無誠意的
English - Japanese - insincere Pronunciation
(形) 誠意のない; 偽りの
English - Korean - insincere Pronunciation
형. 진실하지 않은, 가식적인

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Synonyms for insincere
superficial: hypocritical, empty, delusive, lone, dishonest, hollow, tame