Definition of insinuate Pronunciation
1. To creep, wind, or flow into; to enter gently, slowly, or imperceptibly, as into crevices.
2. To ingratiate; to obtain access to or introduce something by subtle, cunning or artful means.
3. To hint; to suggest tacitly while avoiding a direct statement.
She insinuated that her friends had betrayed her.
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English - English - insinuate Pronunciation
v. hint, allude to; subtly instill; gain favor through indirect means
v. insert, insinuate, suggest, infer, creep
v. insinuate, imply, hint
English - Spanish - insinuate Pronunciation
v. insinuar, aludir, dar a entender, dejar entrever, dejar traslucir, intimar, querer decir, sugerir
English - French - insinuate Pronunciation
v. insinuer, faire allusion; faire entrer indirectement (le doute, la suspicion); user de ruse, malice
English - German - insinuate Pronunciation
v. andeuten, hinweisen; insinuieren (Zweifel, Verdacht etc.); einschmeicheln
English - Italian - insinuate Pronunciation
v. insinuare, suggerire; instillare; (rifl) insinuarsi, penetrare subdolamente; far penetrare, introdurre a poco a poco
English - Portuguese - insinuate Pronunciation
v. insinuar
English - Russian - insinuate Pronunciation
г. постепенно вводить, внушать исподволь, намекать; проникать, втираться, вкрадываться
English - Turkish - insinuate Pronunciation
f. ima etmek, çıtlatmak, çaktırmadan kabul ettirmek, kurnazca yakınlaşmak
English - Dutch - insinuate Pronunciation
ww. ongemerkt indringen; insinueren
English - Greek - insinuate Pronunciation
ρήμ. υπαινίσσομαι, υποδηλώ
English - Chinese - insinuate Pronunciation
(动) 巴结, 使潜入, 暗示; 说含沙射影的话; 暗讽
English - Chinese - insinuate Pronunciation
(動) 巴結, 使潛入, 暗示; 說含沙射影的話; 暗諷
English - Japanese - insinuate Pronunciation
(動) それとなく言う; ほのめかす; 巧みに植えつける
English - Korean - insinuate Pronunciation
동. 빗대어 말하다, 천천히 들어가다, 스며들게 하다

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Synonyms for insinuate
1. instil: inject, infuse, interpose, inculcate, introduce
2. intimate: imply, hint, suggest, allude, connote
Verb forms for insinuate
Present participle: insinuating
Present: insinuate (3.person: insinuates)
Past: insinuated
Future: will insinuate
Present conditional: would insinuate
Present Perfect: have insinuated (3.person: has insinuated)
Past Perfect: had insinuated
Future Perfect: will have insinuated
Past conditional: would have insinuated