Definition of insomniac Pronunciation
1. One who suffers an inability or difficulty sleeping; a sufferer from insomnia.
2. Suffering from or pertaining to insomnia.
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English - English - insomniac Pronunciation
n. person who is unable get enough sleep
English - Spanish - insomniac Pronunciation
s. insomne
English - French - insomniac Pronunciation
n. insomniaque, qui souffre d'insomnies
English - German - insomniac Pronunciation
n. Person die an Schlaflosigkeit leidet
English - Italian - insomniac Pronunciation
s. sofferente d'insonnia
English - Portuguese - insomniac Pronunciation
s. quem sofre de insônia
English - Russian - insomniac Pronunciation
вызываемый бессонницей; вызывающий бессонницу; страдающий бессонницей
English - Turkish - insomniac Pronunciation
i. uykusuzluk hastası
English - Dutch - insomniac Pronunciation
zn. iem. die aan slapeloosheid lijdt
English - Arabic - insomniac Pronunciation
English - Chinese - insomniac Pronunciation
(名) 失眠症患者
English - Chinese - insomniac Pronunciation
(名) 失眠症患者
English - Japanese - insomniac Pronunciation
(名) 不眠症の人

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