Definition of instruct Pronunciation
1. To teach by giving instructions
Listen carefully when someone instructs you how to assemble the furniture.
2. To direct; to order (usage note: "instruct" is less forceful than "order", but weightier than "advise")
The doctor instructed me to keep my arm immobilised and begin physiotherapy.
3. Instruction
4. Arranged; furnished; provided
5. Instructed; taught; enlightened
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English - English - instruct Pronunciation
v. teach, educate, inform; direct, guide; command, order
English - Spanish - instruct Pronunciation
v. instruir, adiestrar, adoctrinar, aleccionar, asesorar, capacitar, documentar, educar, enseñar, formar, industriar; dar instrucciones a, dar instrucciones precisas, dar instrucciones previas
English - French - instruct Pronunciation
v. instruire, informer; faire connaître; enseigner, diriger; ordonner
English - German - instruct Pronunciation
v. einweisen, unterrichten; lehren, anweisen; instruieren; in Kenntnis setzen
English - Italian - instruct Pronunciation
v. insegnare a, istruire; informare, avvisare; ordinare, dare ordini a
English - Portuguese - instruct Pronunciation
v. instruir, ensinar, mostrar; formar, orientar; ordenar, dar ordens; informar
English - Russian - instruct Pronunciation
г. учить, обучать, инструктировать, отдавать приказ, распоряжаться, давать наказ, информировать, сообщать, давать материал, поручать ведение дела
English - Turkish - instruct Pronunciation
f. öğretmek, bilgilendirmek, görevlendirmek, okutmak, emir vermek, talimat vermek
English - Dutch - instruct Pronunciation
ww. instrukties geven; instrueren; les geven; leiding geven; onderleiden; opdracht geven; laten weten
English - Greek - instruct Pronunciation
ρήμ. διδάσκω, εκπαιδεύω, οδηγώ, παραγγέλω
English - Chinese - instruct Pronunciation
(动) 教; 命令; 教导
English - Chinese - instruct Pronunciation
(動) 教; 命令; 教導
English - Japanese - instruct Pronunciation
(動) 教える; 指示する, 導く; 知らせる
English - Korean - instruct Pronunciation
동. 교수하다, 가르치다, 교육시키다; 안내하다, 지도하다; 명령하다

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Synonyms for instruct
1. teach: educate, train, tutor, edify, coach, enlighten, inform
2. order: direct, command, charge, prescribe, enjoin
Verb forms for instruct
Present participle: instructing
Present: instruct (3.person: instructs)
Past: instructed
Future: will instruct
Present conditional: would instruct
Present Perfect: have instructed (3.person: has instructed)
Past Perfect: had instructed
Future Perfect: will have instructed
Past conditional: would have instructed