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English English - Definition of intolerable 
adj. unbearable, insufferable, unendurable
adj. intolerable, unbreakable, insupportable
adj. intolerable, insufferable; beyond all bearing; gross
Spanish English To Spanish - intolerable 
adj. intolerable, inaguantable, insoportable, insufrible
French English To French - intolerable 
adj. intolérable, insupportable
German English To German - intolerable 
adj. unerträglich, schwer zu ertragen
Italian English To Italian - intolerable 
agg. intollerabile, insopportabile
Portuguese English To Portuguese - intolerable 
adj. intolerável, insuportável
Russian English To Russian - intolerable 
прил. невыносимый, непереносимый, нестерпимый, недопустимый, адский
Turkish English To Turkish - intolerable 
s. dayanılmaz, çekilmez, tahammül edilmez
English Spanish To English - intolerable 
adv. beyond bearing
Dutch English To Dutch - intolerable 
bn. ondraagbaar; onverdragelijk
Greek English To Greek - intolerable 
επίθ. ανυπόφορος
ChineseS English To ChineseS - intolerable 
(形) 无法忍受的; 难耐的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - intolerable 
(形) 無法忍受的; 難耐的
Japanese English To Japanese - intolerable 
(形) 耐えられない
Korean English To Korean - intolerable 
형. 참을 수 없는, 견딜 수 없는
ChineseT Spanish To ChineseT - intolerable 
adj. 要不得 (yao4 bu5 de2), 不能忍受的 (bu4 neng2 ren3 shou4 de5)
French Spanish To French - intolerable 
1. (dolor) atroce; horrible; insupportable; intolérable
2. (situación) intolérable; insupportable
3. (comportamiento) insupportable; intolérable
German Spanish To German - intolerable 
a. unerträglich, untragbar, unausstehlich, polizeiwidrig
Korean Spanish To Korean - intolerable 
adj. 견딜 수 없는, 지탱할 수 없는
Russian Spanish To Russian - intolerable 
adj. невыносимый, недопустимый
adjective: impossible to tolerate or endure Example:An intolerable degree of sentimentality.
adjective: completely unacceptable Example:This noise is intolerable.


 Synonyms for intolerable
tiring: overpowering, crushing, excessive, merciless, taxing, fatiguing, onerous

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