adv. in an essential manner, naturally, inherently, innately
English - Spanish - intrinsically Pronunciation
adv. inherentemente, intrínsecamente
English - French - intrinsically Pronunciation
adv. intrinsèquement
English - German - intrinsically Pronunciation
adv. im wesentlichen, essentiell
English - Italian - intrinsically Pronunciation
avv. intrinsecamente, naturalmente, realmente
English - Portuguese - intrinsically Pronunciation
adv. de forma básica, central
English - Russian - intrinsically Pronunciation
в действительности; от природы; по сути; по существу
English - Turkish - intrinsically Pronunciation
zf. aslen, doğal olarak
English - Dutch - intrinsically Pronunciation
bw. innerlijk, wezenlijk, intrinsiek
English - Greek - intrinsically Pronunciation
(Lex**) πραγματικά
English - Chinese - intrinsically Pronunciation
(副) 从本质上
English - Chinese - intrinsically Pronunciation
(副) 從本質上
English - Japanese - intrinsically Pronunciation
(副) 本質的に; 本来
English - Korean - intrinsically Pronunciation
부. 천성적으로, 자연스럽게, 본질적으로
adverb: with respect to its inherent nature.

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Synonyms for intrinsically
in itself: as such, alone