Definition of invade Pronunciation
1. To move into.
Under some circumstances police are allowed to invade a person's privacy.
2. To enter by force in order to conquer.
Argentinian troops invaded the Falkland Islands in 1982.
3. To infest or overrun.
The picnic was invaded by ants.
4. To attack; to infringe; to encroach on; to violate.
The king invaded the rights of the people.
5. To make an unwelcome or uninvited visit or appearance, usually with an intent to cause trouble or some other unpleasant situation.
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English - English - invade Pronunciation
v. enter for conquest or plunder, occupy; penetrate; intrude; infringe, encroach
v. invade, overrun, occupy, raid; penetrate, intrude
v. invade; impinge; encroach; raid
English - Spanish - invade Pronunciation
v. invadir, agredir, asaltar, irrumpir
Spanish - English - invade Pronunciation
[invadir] v. invade; impinge; encroach; raid
English - French - invade Pronunciation
v. envahir, faire une invasion dans (un pays); violer; empiéter, porter atteinte à
English - German - invade Pronunciation
v. einfallen; eindringen; vordringen (Gebiet), eindringen (Gebiet), Grenze erreichen
English - Italian - invade Pronunciation
v. invadere, occupare; calpestare, violare, infrangere
English - Portuguese - invade Pronunciation
v. invadir; introduzir-se; penetrar; penetrar em território alheio, irromper, transgredir, ultrapassar fronteiras
English - Russian - invade Pronunciation
г. вторгаться, захватывать, оккупировать, овладеть, нахлынуть, посягать, поражать
English - Turkish - invade Pronunciation
f. saldırmak, ele geçirmek, akın etmek, istila etmek, içini kaplamak, ihlal etmek, gaspetmek
English - Dutch - invade Pronunciation
ww. binnendringen; bemoeien met; in de rede vallen; overtreden
English - Greek - invade Pronunciation
ρήμ. εισβάλλω, εισορμώ
English - Chinese - invade Pronunciation
(动) 侵略; 拥挤; 侵袭; 侵入, 侵略; 侵袭; 侵犯
English - Chinese - invade Pronunciation
(動) 侵略; 擁擠; 侵襲; 侵入, 侵略; 侵襲; 侵犯
English - Japanese - invade Pronunciation
(動) 侵略する; 押し寄せる; 侵害する
English - Korean - invade Pronunciation
동. 침략하다; 침입하다; 침범하다; 침해하다

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Synonyms for invade
1. intrude: interrupt, obtrude, interfere, infringe on, transgress, take over
2. attack: assail, assault, storm, raid, overrun, trespass
Verb forms for invade
Present participle: invading
Present: invade (3.person: invades)
Past: invaded
Future: will invade
Present conditional: would invade
Present Perfect: have invaded (3.person: has invaded)
Past Perfect: had invaded
Future Perfect: will have invaded
Past conditional: would have invaded