Definition of invoice Pronunciation
1. An itemized statement of money owed for goods shipped or services rendered.
He paid his bill and left.
Send me an account of what I owe.
2. Send an bill to.
She invoiced the company for her expenses.
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English - English - invoice Pronunciation
n. list of purchased goods or services provided which includes the individual costs and the total charge
v. make an invoice; give an invoice to
English - Spanish - invoice Pronunciation
s. factura, albarán, cuenta
v. facturar, cargar, cargar a la cuenta
English - French - invoice Pronunciation
n. facture
v. facturer, préparer une facture
English - German - invoice Pronunciation
n. Rechnung, Quittung
v. eine Rechnung ausstellen
English - Indonesian - invoice Pronunciation
n. faktur, paktur
English - Italian - invoice Pronunciation
s. (Comm) fattura; modulo di fattura
v. fatturare; intestare una fattura a
English - Polish - invoice Pronunciation
n. faktura
v. fakturować
English - Portuguese - invoice Pronunciation
s. fatura
v. faturar
English - Romanian - invoice Pronunciation
n. factură
v. factura
English - Russian - invoice Pronunciation
с. счет, накладная, фактура, квитанция
г. выписать счет, выписать фактуру
English - Turkish - invoice Pronunciation
f. fatura etmek, fatura çıkarmak
i. fatura
English - Ukrainian - invoice Pronunciation
n. рахунок-фактура, накладна, фактура
v. накладна: виписати накладну
English - Dutch - invoice Pronunciation
zn. factuur
ww. factureren
English - Greek - invoice Pronunciation
ουσ. τιμολόγιο, μπίλ
ρήμ. τιμολογώ
English - Arabic - invoice Pronunciation
‏فاتورة، السلع المرسلة‏
‏فوتر يعد الفاتورة‏
English - Chinese - invoice Pronunciation
(名) 发票; 货物; 发货单
(动) 开...的发票; 将...列入清单; 开发票给
English - Chinese - invoice Pronunciation
(名) 發票; 貨物; 發貨單
(動) 開...的發票; 將...列入清單; 開發票給
English - Hindi - invoice Pronunciation
n. बीजक, चलाना
English - Japanese - invoice Pronunciation
(動) 送り状を作る; 送り状を送る
(名) 送り状
English - Korean - invoice Pronunciation
명. 송장, 송장에 의한 송부, 청구서, 청구서에 의한 송부
English - Vietnamese - invoice Pronunciation
n. hóa đơn, giấy đặt hàng, biên lai
v. làm biên lai, làm hóa đơn, làm biên nhận

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Synonyms for invoice
accounting: bill, account
Verb forms for invoice
Present participle: invoicing
Present: invoice (3.person: invoices)
Past: invoiced
Future: will invoice
Present conditional: would invoice
Present Perfect: have invoiced (3.person: has invoiced)
Past Perfect: had invoiced
Future Perfect: will have invoiced
Past conditional: would have invoiced