Definition of ipsilateral Pronunciation
1. On the same side of the body.
The stroke was characterised by ipsilateral paralysis.
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English - English - ipsilateral Pronunciation
[Anatomical terms of location] adj. ipsilateral
English - Spanish - ipsilateral Pronunciation
ipsilateral, ipsolateral
English - French - ipsilateral Pronunciation
ipsilatéral, ipsi-latéral
English - German - ipsilateral Pronunciation
ipsilateral, auf der gleichen Seite liegend, die gleiche Seite betreffend
English - Russian - ipsilateral Pronunciation
(r) относящийся к одной и той же стороне
English - Turkish - ipsilateral Pronunciation
s. aynı tarafa ait
English - Chinese - ipsilateral Pronunciation
(形) 同一侧的
English - Chinese - ipsilateral Pronunciation
(形) 同一側的
English - Japanese - ipsilateral Pronunciation
(形) 同側の

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