Definition of irk Pronunciation
1. To irritate; annoy; bother
It irks me to do all this work and have someone destroy it.
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English - English - irk Pronunciation
v. annoy, bother, irritate; tire
adj. racial
n. race, strain, folk, peoples
English - Spanish - irk Pronunciation
v. fastidiar, molestar
English - French - irk Pronunciation
v. agacer, accabler, fatiguer, importuner
English - German - irk Pronunciation
v. ärgern, verärgern; ermüden
English - Italian - irk Pronunciation
v. seccare, infastidire, irritare, urtare
English - Portuguese - irk Pronunciation
v. irritar, provocar, molestar
English - Russian - irk Pronunciation
г. утомлять, раздражать, надоедать
English - Turkish - irk Pronunciation
f. sıkmak, canını sıkmak, bıktırmak
Turkish - English - irk
English - Dutch - irk Pronunciation
ww. ergeren, vervelen
English - Greek - irk Pronunciation
ρήμ. ανιώ, ενοχλώ
English - Chinese - irk Pronunciation
(动) 使厌倦, 使苦恼
English - Chinese - irk Pronunciation
(動) 使厭倦, 使苦惱
English - Japanese - irk Pronunciation
(動) うんざりさせる; 疲れさせる

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Synonyms for irk
plague: trouble, torment, worry, beset, harry, beleaguer, besiege
Verb forms for irk
Present participle: irking
Present: irk (3.person: irks)
Past: irked
Future: will irk
Present conditional: would irk
Present Perfect: have irked (3.person: has irked)
Past Perfect: had irked
Future Perfect: will have irked
Past conditional: would have irked