Definition of ironic Pronunciation
1. Characterized by or constituting (any kind of) irony.
It was ironic I forgot my textbook on human memory.
2. Given to the use of irony; sarcastic.
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English - English - ironic Pronunciation
adj. characterized by irony, sarcastic
English - Spanish - ironic Pronunciation
adj. irónico
English - French - ironic Pronunciation
adj. ironique
English - German - ironic Pronunciation
adj. ironisch, sptöttisch, sarkastisch
English - Indonesian - ironic Pronunciation
a. ironis, mengejek: yg mengejek
English - Italian - ironic Pronunciation
agg. ironico
English - Polish - ironic Pronunciation
a. ironiczny
English - Portuguese - ironic Pronunciation
adj. irônico, sarcástico
English - Romanian - ironic Pronunciation
a. ironic
English - Russian - ironic Pronunciation
прил. иронический
English - Turkish - ironic Pronunciation
s. ironik, alaylı, alaycı, ters anlamlı
English - Ukrainian - ironic Pronunciation
a. іронічний
Romanian - English - ironic
a. ironical, ironic, quizzical, sharp, severe
adv. ironically
English - Dutch - ironic Pronunciation
bn. spot; spottend; ironisch
English - Greek - ironic Pronunciation
επίθ. ειρωνικός
English - Arabic - ironic Pronunciation
‏تهكمي، ساخر، سخري‏
English - Chinese - ironic Pronunciation
(形) 说反话的; 讽刺的
English - Chinese - ironic Pronunciation
(形) 說反話的; 諷刺的
English - Hindi - ironic Pronunciation
a. लोहे का, पुष्ट
English - Japanese - ironic Pronunciation
(形) 皮肉な; 反語的な
English - Korean - ironic Pronunciation
형. 아이러닉한, 풍자적인, 반어적인

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Synonyms for ironic
1. mocking: derisive, scathing, sardonic, caustic, devious, cynical
2. contradictory: paradoxical, contrary, figurative, incongruous, jarring, implausible