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English English - Definition of irrational 
adj. illogical, senseless, lacking reason, absurd
adj. irrational, illogical, senseless, lacking reason, absurd
adv. irrationally, illogically, senselessly, without reason, absurdly
Spanish English To Spanish - irrational 
adj. irracional, absurdo, desrazonable, disparatado, ilógico, irrazonable
French English To French - irrational 
adj. irrationnel, absurde
German English To German - irrational 
adj. nicht rational, irrational, absurd
Italian English To Italian - irrational 
agg. privo di ragione, irragionevole, irrazionale
Portuguese English To Portuguese - irrational 
adj. irracional, ilógico
Russian English To Russian - irrational 
прил. неразумный, не одаренный разумом, нелогичный, алогичный, нерациональный, иррациональный, безотчетный
Turkish English To Turkish - irrational 
s. irrasyonel, mantıksız, saçma, akılsız, oransız
i. irrasyonel sayı, oransız miktar
English German To English - irrational 
adj. illogical, senseless, lacking reason, absurd
Albanian English To Albanian - irrational 
adj. paarsyeshëm: i paarsyeshëm, mendje: me mendje të turbulluar, iracional [mat.]
Dutch English To Dutch - irrational 
bn. onlogisch; niet rationeel
Greek English To Greek - irrational 
επίθ. παράλογος, άλογος
ChineseS English To ChineseS - irrational 
(形) 无理性的, 不合理的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - irrational 
(形) 無理性的, 不合理的
Japanese English To Japanese - irrational 
(形) 理性のない; 分別のない; 不合理な
Korean English To Korean - irrational 
형. 비이성적인, 비논리적인, 비합리적인, 어리석은
ChineseS German To ChineseS - irrational 
adj. 无理的。无理数的。无理性的。不合理的。荒谬的。
French German To French - irrational 
adj. irrationnel
Italian German To Italian - irrational 
adj. irrazionale
Russian German To Russian - irrational 
adj. иррациональный, нерациональный
Spanish German To Spanish - irrational 
adj. irracional
Turkish German To Turkish - irrational 
s. usdışı, irrasyonel
adjective: not consistent with or using reason Example:Irrational fears.
adjective: real but not expressible as the quotient of two integers Example:Irrational numbers.


 Synonyms for irrational
1. senseless: foolish, ridiculous, absurd, silly, crazy, stupid, insane
2. illogical: unsound, fallacious, preposterous, inconceivable, inconsistent, specious, untenable

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