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English Turkish To English - isim 
[ISIM] n. soot, black, smut
n. name, title, denomination, noun, substantive, appellation, character, designation, forename, given name, moniker, first name, record, repute
n. work, job; things to do, business, trade, affair, function, working, activity, assignment, commerce, dealing, mission, doings, employment, gig, handiwork, metier, stint, task; occupation, pursuit, profession, post
Turkish Turkish To Turkish - isim 
kişi, insan.
French Turkish To French - isim 
nom [le]; substantif [le]
German Turkish To German - isim 
n. Benennung, Deklination, Hauptwort, Name, Nomen, Substantiv
Russian Turkish To Russian - isim 
n. имя (N), название (N), популярность (F), слава (F), существительное (N)
adj. именной


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