Definition of isogonic Pronunciation
1. Describing imaginary lines connecting points on the earth's surface of identical magnetic declination.
2. Having equal angles.
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English - English - isogonic Pronunciation
adj. having equal angles, pertaining to equal angles
English - Spanish - isogonic Pronunciation
adj. isogónico, aplícase a los cristales de ángulos iguales
English - French - isogonic Pronunciation
adj. isogone, à angles égaux
English - German - isogonic Pronunciation
adj. isogonal, gleichwinklig
English - Italian - isogonic Pronunciation
agg. isogonico
English - Portuguese - isogonic Pronunciation
adj. isogônico, cujos ângulos são iguais
English - Turkish - isogonic Pronunciation
s. eş açılı
English - Dutch - isogonic Pronunciation
bn. gelijkhoekig
English - Chinese - isogonic Pronunciation
(形) 等偏角的
English - Chinese - isogonic Pronunciation
(形) 等偏角的
English - Japanese - isogonic Pronunciation
(形) 等角の; 等生長の; 等偏角の

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