n. act of sending out; act of distributing
English - Spanish - issuance Pronunciation
s. emisión
English - French - issuance Pronunciation
n. action d'émettre
English - German - issuance Pronunciation
n. Ausgabe
English - Italian - issuance Pronunciation
s. emissione; fuoruscita, fuoriuscita
English - Portuguese - issuance Pronunciation
s. emissão
English - Russian - issuance Pronunciation
с. выпуск, выход
English - Turkish - issuance Pronunciation
i. çıkarma, yayınlama
English - Albanian - issuance Pronunciation
n. lëshim
English - Dutch - issuance Pronunciation
zn. uitgifte; editie
English - Greek - issuance Pronunciation
ουσ. έκδοση, εκπομπή
English - Chinese - issuance Pronunciation
(名) 发行; 发布
English - Chinese - issuance Pronunciation
(名) 發行; 發佈
English - Japanese - issuance Pronunciation
(名) 配給; 発行
English - Korean - issuance Pronunciation
명. 배급
noun: the provision of something by issuing it (usually in quantity)

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