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English English - Definition of jacketed 
adj. dressed in a jacket; covered, enveloped
Spanish English To Spanish - jacketed 
adj. enchaquetado; envuelto, cubierto
French English To French - jacketed 
adj. revêtu d'une jaquette; recouvert; enveloppé
German English To German - jacketed 
[jacket] v. eine Jacke anziehen; mit einer Jacke bedecken; mit einer Bedeckung versorgen; ein Rohr isolieren
adj. Jacket anziehend; eingehüllt, verdeckt
Italian English To Italian - jacketed 
agg. che indossa una giacca, in giacca; (tecn) rivestito, incamiciato
Portuguese English To Portuguese - jacketed 
adj. vestido de terno; envolto, revestido, recoberto
Russian English To Russian - jacketed 
прил. одетый в жакет, одетый в куртку; закрытый кожухом, обшитый снаружи
Albanian English To Albanian - jacketed 
adj. veshur: i veshur me xhaketë
Dutch English To Dutch - jacketed 
bn. Gekleed in een colbert; bekleed, bedekt
Greek English To Greek - jacketed 
(Lex**) καλυμμένος
ChineseS English To ChineseS - jacketed 
adj. 套 (tao4)
ChineseT English To ChineseT - jacketed 
adj. 套 (tao4)
Japanese English To Japanese - jacketed 
(形) ジャケットを着た; 包んだ; 上着を羽織った
Korean English To Korean - jacketed 
형. ...에게 재킷을 입히는


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