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English English - Definition of jaunty 
adj. lively, merry; stylish but sporty
Spanish English To Spanish - jaunty 
adj. desenvuelto; alegre; garboso, festivo
French English To French - jaunty 
adj. vif, éveillé; animé; joyeux, gai; élégant mais sportif
German English To German - jaunty 
adj. leicht, lebhaft; keck (Kleidungsstück)
Italian English To Italian - jaunty 
agg. disinvolto, spigliato; spavaldo, sicuro di sé; allegro, gaio, vivace; elegante, di classe
Portuguese English To Portuguese - jaunty 
adj. alegre; garboso, vistoso
Russian English To Russian - jaunty 
прил. веселый, бойкий, беспечный, самодовольный, развязный, небрежно развязный
Turkish English To Turkish - jaunty 
s. şık, havalı, kaygısız, şen
Albanian English To Albanian - jaunty 
adj. gazmor, vetëkënaqur: i vetëkënaqur
Dutch English To Dutch - jaunty 
bn. zwierig, kwiek (ook van kledingstuk)
Greek English To Greek - jaunty 
επίθ. κομψός, εύχαρις, ευχάριστος, ζωηρός, ξένοιαστος, κεφάτος, καμαρωτός
ChineseS English To ChineseS - jaunty 
(形) 快活的, 轻快的, 活泼的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - jaunty 
(形) 快活的, 輕快的, 活潑的
Japanese English To Japanese - jaunty 
(形) 快活な; 粋な
Korean English To Korean - jaunty 
형. 기분이 거뜬하고 쾌활한, 말쑥한, 멋진
adjective: marked by smartness in dress and manners Example:A jaunty red hat.
adjective: having a cheerful, lively, and self-confident air Example:Walked with a jaunty step.


 Synonyms for jaunty
virile: dapper, clean-cut, athletic, handsome, robust, slick

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