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English English - Definition of jealously 
adv. enviously, covetously, grudgingly; vigilantly, zealously; intolerantly
Spanish English To Spanish - jealously 
adv. celosamente, envidiosamente
French English To French - jealously 
adv. jalousement, envieusement; fanatiquement, avec convoitise
German English To German - jealously 
adv. neidisch; eifersüchtig; besorgt um; eifrig bedacht
Italian English To Italian - jealously 
avv. gelosamente; con cura scrupolosa
Portuguese English To Portuguese - jealously 
adv. com ciúmes; invejosamente, com inveja
Russian English To Russian - jealously 
нареч. ревниво
Dutch English To Dutch - jealously 
bw. met jaloersheid/afgunst
Greek English To Greek - jealously 
(Lex**) jealously
ChineseS English To ChineseS - jealously 
(副) 妒忌地; 猜疑地
ChineseT English To ChineseT - jealously 
(副) 妒忌地; 猜疑地
Japanese English To Japanese - jealously 
(副) 嫉妬して; 油断なく; 疑って
Korean English To Korean - jealously 
부. 시기하여, 질투하여; 빈틈없이, 방심하지 않고; 참을 수 없이


 Synonyms for jealously
envy: covetousness, ill will, enviousness, spite, rivalry

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