Definitions and translations for "join"

Definition of join

1. To combine more than one item into one; to put together.
The plumber joined the two ends of the broken pipe.   We joined our efforts to get an even better result.
2. To come together; to meet.
Parallel lines never join.   These two rivers join in about 80 miles.
3. To come into the company of.
I will join you watching the football game as soon as I have finished my work.
4. To become a member of.
Many children join a sports club.   Most politicians have joined a party.
5. To produce an intersection of data in two or more database tables.
By joining the Customer table on the Product table, we can show each customer's name alongside the products they have ordered.
6. To unite in marriage.
7. To enjoin upon; to command.
8. To accept, or engage in, as a contest.
To join encounter, battle, or issue
9. An intersection of piping or wiring; an interconnect.
10. An intersection of data in two or more database tables.
11. The lowest upper bound, an operation between pairs of elements in a lattice, denoted by the symbol ∨.
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English - English - join

n. act of uniting, act of connecting; place where two things are connected; seam; juncture
v. attach, connect; unite, combine; be connected; become a member; perform a marriage ceremony; volunteer to serve in the armed forces; accompany, meet up with

English - Spanish - join

s. juntura, comisura, unión
v. asociarse, ingresar; unir, acolar, acoplar, conectar, empalmar, engarzar, hacer un acoplamiento en, ligar, trabar; unirse a, asociarse a; juntar, afiliar, aunar, conjuntar, fusionar, unificar

English - French - join

n. joint; couture; branchement, liaison; endroit où se joignent deux pièces de bois, de métal
v. joindre, attacher, assembler; lier, unir; combiner; réunir, se marier, s'unir, se lier; se porter volontaire dans l'armée; adhérer à, s'affilier à, se joindre, se joindre à; accompagner, rencontrer

English - German - join

n. Verbindung, Nahtstelle; Kombinieren, Verbinden
v. verbinden; anfügen; kombinieren; vereinigen; sich anschließen; verheiraten

English - Indonesian - join

n. perhubungan
v. menghubungkan, mempertalikan, menauntukan, mempertauntukan, memadu, mengikat, mempertemukan, menggandengkan, mempergandengkan, berbatasan, berbatas, berhubungan dgn, turut, ikut serta, ikut, menyusul, menyertai, menumpang, menyekutui, anggota: menjadi anggota, memeluk, masuk tentara

English - Italian - join

s. giunzione, unione, congiunzione; punto di giunzione, giuntura
v. unire, congiungere; associarsi a, entrare a far parte di; raggiungere, unirsi a, riunirsi a; confluire in, gettarsi in; essere contiguo a; (Mar; mil) imbarcarsi su

English - Polish - join

n. połączenie
v. łączyć, połączyć, złączyć, kojarzyć, doplątać się, zespalać, przyłączać, pobratać, spajać, zestalać, sczepiać, wiązać, związać się, zbić, dołączać, dodać, przyłączać się, dołączać się, podchwycić, przystąpić, zapisać się, wstąpić, zbiec się, doszlusować, włączać się, kombinować, przytykać, wmieszać się, przystać, podjąć, złączać, zespolić
v. przyłączyć, spoić, zestalić, sczepić, zbijać, dołączyć, dołączyć się, podchwytywać, przystępować, wstępować, podejmować

English - Portuguese - join

s. ligação, união; costura, sutura
v. juntar, unir, ligar, atar, prender; acrescentar; combinar, concordar

English - Romanian - join

n. combinaţie, îmbinare, reunire, asociere, punct de întâlnire
v. lega, uni, alătura, anexa, cupla, deveni membru, înscrie: se înscrie, face: se face militar, reveni la, întoarce la, alătura: se alătura, uni: se uni, vărsa: se vărsa în, strânge: se strânge, aduna: se aduna, întâlni: se întâlni, ataşa

English - Russian - join

с. соединение, линия соединения, плоскость соединения
г. соединять, связывать, стыковать; соединяться, вписываться; вливаться, сливаться; граничить, присоединять, присоединиться; завербоваться; вступать, вступить в члены; примкнуть, приобщать, приобщаться

English - Turkish - join

f. birleştirmek, katılmak, eklemek, katmak, kaynamak, üye olmak, birleşmek, iştirak etmek, sınırı ortak olmak
i. birleşme noktası, ek yeri

English - Ukrainian - join

n. зв'язок, з'єднання: точка з'єднання, зрощення
v. з'єднуватися, зв'язувати, зливатися, приєднуватися, збігатися, змикатися, зрощувати, поєднувати, приєднувати, примикати, приставати, сполучати

English - Dutch - join

zn. aaneenvoeging, verbinding; naad
ww. verbinden, verenigen, samenkomen, in elkaar slaan; zich voegen bij, meedoen, komen bij; samenvoegen

English - Greek - join

ουσ. ένωση
ρήμ. ενώνω, συνδέω, συνάπτω, σμίγω, συναρμόζω, προσχωρώ, λαμβάνω μέρος

English - Arabic - join

‏إنخرط، ألحق، إتصل، إنضم، أصبح عضوا، ضم، ربط، إتحد، تزوج، رافق، ألحق ب، تلاصق‏

English - Chinese - join

(名) 连接; 接合点; 结合
(动) 连接; 参加; 结合; 参加; 加入; 结合

English - Chinese - join

(名) 連接; 接合點; 結合
(動) 連接; 參加; 結合; 參加; 加入; 結合

English - Hindi - join

n. मेल, जोड़, संयोग
v. जोड़ना, बांधना, मिलाना, सटाना, साथ देना, संबद्ध करना, मेल करना, संयोजित करना, साथ होना, संबद्ध होना, जुड़ना, जुड़ जाना

English - Japanese - join

(動) つなぐ, 接合する; 加わる; 合体する
(名) 接合; 接合箇所

English - Korean - join

명. 접합 부분, 접합 점, 접합 선, 접합면
동. 붙치다, 연결하다; 접하다; 연결되다; 일원이 되다; 결혼식을 시행하다; 군대에 지원하다; 동행하다,동참하다

English - Vietnamese - join

v. buộc, chắp, ghép, nối lại, nối liền
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Synonyms for join
1. wed: marry, couple, mate, unite
2. attach: link, unite, couple, connect, combine, consolidate, bring together
Verb forms for join
Present participle: joining
Present: join (3.person: joins)
Past: joined
Future: will join
Present conditional: would join
Present Perfect: have joined (3.person: has joined)
Past Perfect: had joined
Future Perfect: will have joined
Past conditional: would have joined