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English English - Definition of kennels 
n. place where dogs are bred and trained; place where dogs are cared for when their owners are away
Spanish English To Spanish - kennels 
s. perrera
French English To French - kennels 
n. niche; chenil; pension de chiens
German English To German - kennels 
[kennel] n. Hundehütte; Hundezwinger; Hundepension
v. hausen; in der Gosse wohnen; in der Hundepension wohnen; im Kellerloch hausen
n. Hundezwinger; Hundepension
Italian English To Italian - kennels 
s. canile
Portuguese English To Portuguese - kennels 
s. hospedaria de cães; canil
Russian English To Russian - kennels 
[kennel] с. собачья конура, лачуга, хижина, псарня, свора собак
г. держать в конуре, загонять в конуру, жить в конуре
Dutch English To Dutch - kennels 
zn. kennel; hondehuis
Greek English To Greek - kennels 
[kennel] ουσ. καλύβη κυλού, κοίτη σκύλου, σπιτάκι σκύλου, κυνοτροφείο
ChineseS English To ChineseS - kennels 
[kennel] (名) 狗舍; 一群狗; 养狗场#阴沟
(动) 把...关进狗舍; 呆在狗舍里
ChineseT English To ChineseT - kennels 
[kennel] (名) 狗舍; 一群狗; 養狗場#陰溝
(動) 把...關進狗舍; 呆在狗舍裡
Japanese English To Japanese - kennels 
(名) 犬の訓練所; ペット預り所; 犬の飼育場
(名) 犬小屋; ペット預り所; 犬の飼育場; 犬の訓練所; あばら家
(動) 犬小屋に入れる; 犬の訓練所に入れる; ペット預り所に預ける
Korean English To Korean - kennels 
명. 개사육장; 개주인이 멀리 외출하는 동안 개를 돌봐주는 장소


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