Definition of kind-hearted Pronunciation
1. Having or proceeding from an innately kind disposition.
A generous and kindhearted teacher.
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English - English - kind-hearted Pronunciation
thoughtful, considerate, kindly
English - Spanish - kind-hearted Pronunciation
bueno, amable
English - French - kind-hearted Pronunciation
au grand coeur, cordial
English - German - kind-hearted Pronunciation
English - Indonesian - kind-hearted Pronunciation
a. baik hati, peramah
English - Italian - kind-hearted Pronunciation
di animo gentile
English - Polish - kind-hearted Pronunciation
a. dobrotliwy, życzliwy, zacny
English - Portuguese - kind-hearted Pronunciation
generoso, bondoso
English - Romanian - kind-hearted Pronunciation
a. bun la inimă, bun la suflet, milos
English - Russian - kind-hearted Pronunciation
a. мягкосердечный, добрый
English - Turkish - kind-hearted Pronunciation
s. iyi kâlpli
English - Ukrainian - kind-hearted Pronunciation
a. добросердий, чуйний, добродушний
English - Dutch - kind-hearted Pronunciation
goedaardig, vriendelijk, aardig
English - Greek - kind-hearted Pronunciation
ουσ. καλοκάγαθοσ
επίθ. καλόκαρδοσ
English - Arabic - kind-hearted Pronunciation
‏رقيق، رقيق الفؤاد، شفوق، عطوف‏
English - Chinese - kind-hearted Pronunciation
English - Chinese - kind-hearted Pronunciation
English - Japanese - kind-hearted Pronunciation
English - Vietnamese - kind-hearted Pronunciation
a. nhân từ, có lòng nhân từ, có lòng ân cần, có lòng tốt, hảo tâm, tánh thương người

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Synonyms for kind-hearted
kind: compassionate, sympathetic, affectionate, responsive, merciful, pitiful, mild