Definition of kiter Pronunciation
1. One who writes a check while there are insufficient funds in the account, hoping it will be able to clear by the time it is cashed.
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English - English - kiter Pronunciation
n. person that flies kites; person that obtains money dishonestly
English - Spanish - kiter Pronunciation
s. remontador de una cometa; estafador
English - French - kiter Pronunciation
n. personne qui fait voler un cerf-volant; escroc, arnaqueur, fraudeur personne qui extorque de l'argent de façon malhonnête
English - German - kiter Pronunciation
n. Drachensteiger; Betrüger (Geld)
English - Italian - kiter Pronunciation
s. fa volare gli aquiloni; fa uscire soldi con inganno
English - Portuguese - kiter Pronunciation
s. empinador de pipa; aquele que obtém dinheiro enganosamente
English - Dutch - kiter Pronunciation
zn. iem. die vlieger oplaat; iem. die geld ontvangt door oplichterij
English - Japanese - kiter Pronunciation
(名) 自由奔放な人; 小切手を使う人

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