Definition of knight-errant Pronunciation
1. A knight in a medieval romance who wanders in search of adventure and opportunities to prove his chivalry.
2. A person who displays an adventurous or a quixotic spirit.
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English - French - knight-errant Pronunciation
n. chevalier errant (m)
English - Indonesian - knight-errant Pronunciation
n. kesatria pengembara, ksatria pengembara
English - Polish - knight-errant Pronunciation
n. rycerz: błędny rycerz
English - Russian - knight-errant Pronunciation
с. странствующий рыцарь, донкихот (M), мечтатель (M)
English - Arabic - knight-errant Pronunciation
‏الفارس المطوف‏
English - Hindi - knight-errant Pronunciation
n. साहसिक कायं की खोज में धूमनेवाला वीर

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