Definition of knuckle joint Pronunciation
1. A joint allowing movement in one plane only.
2. A joint of a finger when the fist is closed.
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English - Spanish - knuckle joint Pronunciation
junta articulada, junta de rótula, junta de chamela, junta universal, junta de charnela, articulación de rótula, charnela, articulación de bisagra, gozne
English - French - knuckle joint Pronunciation
joint d'articulation, articulation à genouillère, Joint de charnière
English - German - knuckle joint Pronunciation
Gabelgelenk n
English - Portuguese - knuckle joint Pronunciation
s. junta articulada
English - Russian - knuckle joint Pronunciation
сустав пальца, шарнир
English - Turkish - knuckle joint Pronunciation
parmagin oynak yeri
English - Dutch - knuckle joint Pronunciation
zn. knokkel-gewricht
English - Korean - knuckle joint Pronunciation

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