Definition of labialism Pronunciation
1. A form of stammering characterized by confusion in the use of the labial consonants.
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English - English - labialism Pronunciation
n. tendency to pronounce sounds through partly closed lips
English - Spanish - labialism Pronunciation
s. labialismo, pronunciación por medio de los labios
English - French - labialism Pronunciation
n. labialisation, prononciation par les lèvres
English - German - labialism Pronunciation
n. Labialismus, Tonformung durch die Lippen
English - Italian - labialism Pronunciation
s. (Fon) labializzazione
English - Portuguese - labialism Pronunciation
s. fonetização através da utilização dos lábios
English - Dutch - labialism Pronunciation
zn. uitspraak via de lippen
English - Chinese - labialism Pronunciation
(名) 唇音的特性; 发唇音的倾向
English - Chinese - labialism Pronunciation
(名) 唇音的特性; 發唇音的傾向
English - Japanese - labialism Pronunciation
(名) 唇音化傾向

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