Definition of laboursaving Pronunciation
1. Designed to replace or conserve human and especially manual labor.
Laborsaving devices like washing machines.
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English - English - laboursaving Pronunciation
[laboursaving (Brit.) ] adj. saving work, saving effort (also laborsaving)
English - French - laboursaving Pronunciation
[laboursaving (Brit.) ] adj. simplificateur de travail, économiseur de travail, réducteur d'efforts
English - German - laboursaving Pronunciation
Brit.) ] adj. arbeitssparend, Aufwand sparend
English - Portuguese - laboursaving Pronunciation
[laboursaving (Brit.) ] adj. economia de trabalho ou esforço (também laborsaving)
English - Dutch - laboursaving Pronunciation
[laboursaving (Brit.) ] bn. arbeidsbesparend, krachten besparend
English - Greek - laboursaving Pronunciation
[laboursaving (Brit.) ] επίθ. εξοικονομητικός εργασίας, εξοικονομητικός εργάτων
English - Japanese - laboursaving Pronunciation
[laboursaving (Brit.) ] (形) 省力の(laborsaving とも綴る)

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