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English English - Definition of lack 
n. need, want; shortage; absence
v. be short of; be without, be missing; need, want
n. lac, lacquer, varnish, glaze, enamel
Spanish English To Spanish - lack 
s. falta, ausencia, carecimiento, carencia, cortedad, deficiencia, escaseamiento, escasez, insuficiencia
v. carecer de, adolecer de, estar desprovisto de, faltar, hacer falta, necesitar, ser careciente de, ser carente de; ser deficiente
French English To French - lack 
n. manque; pénurie; absence
v. manquer de, être dénué de
German English To German - lack 
n. Mangel; Knappheit; Abwesenheit
v. mangeln, ohne sein; fehlen
Italian English To Italian - lack 
s. difetto, scarsità, penuria, mancanza, insufficienza; vuoto
v. mancare di, difettare di, scarseggiare di; occorrere, avere bisogno di
Portuguese English To Portuguese - lack 
s. falta, carência, ausência
v. faltar, carecer de; ser desprovido de
Russian English To Russian - lack 
с. недостаток, отсутствие, нужда
г. испытывать недостаток, нуждаться, недоставать, не хватать, не иметь
Turkish English To Turkish - lack 
f. olmamak, eksik olmak, yoksun olmak, ihtiyacı olmak
i. eksiklik, noksan, yokluk, yoksunluk
English German To English - lack 
v. be short of; be without, be missing; need, want
Albanian English To Albanian - lack 
n. mungesë, pamjaftueshmëri
v. mungoj, nevojë: kam nevojë
Dutch English To Dutch - lack 
zn. gebrek; bij gebrek aan-
ww. afwezig zijn; zonder-; -vrij; missen
Greek English To Greek - lack 
ουσ. στέρηση, έλλειψη
ρήμ. στερούμαι, έχω έλειψη από
Dutch German To Dutch - lack 
ChineseS English To ChineseS - lack 
(名) 欠缺; 没有; 不足; 缺少的东西
(动) 缺乏, 不足, 短少; 缺少; 没有; 不足
ChineseT English To ChineseT - lack 
(名) 欠缺; 沒有; 不足; 缺少的東西
(動) 缺乏, 不足, 短少; 缺少; 沒有; 不足
Japanese English To Japanese - lack 
(動) 欠く, 欠如する, 不足する, 無くなる; 不自由する
(名) 欠乏; 欠如; 不足; 無
Korean English To Korean - lack 
명. 결핍, 필요함; 부족함; 없슴, 결여
동. 부족하다; 없다, 결여되다; 필요하다
ChineseS German To ChineseS - lack 
[der] pl.Lacke 漆。清漆。(植物)桂竹香属。
French German To French - lack 
n. vernis (m)
Italian German To Italian - lack 
n. ceralacca (f), lacca (f), patina (f), vernice (f), verniciatura (f), violacciocca gialla {bot.} (f), smalto (m)
Russian German To Russian - lack 
n. лак (m), сургуч (m)
Spanish German To Spanish - lack 
n. charol (m), barniz (m), laca (f), maque (m)
Turkish German To Turkish - lack 
i. vernik (m), lak (m)
noun: the state of needing something that is absent or unavailable Example:There is a serious lack of insight into the problem.
verb: be without Example:This soup lacks salt.
name: A surname (rare: 1 in 100000 families; popularity rank in the U.S.: #9221)


 Synonyms for lack
1. need: require, want
2. deficiency: scarcity, insufficiency, need, dearth, scantiness, want, deficit
Tenses for lack
Present participle: lacking
Present: lack (3.person: lacks)
Past: lacked
Future: will lack
Present conditional: would lack
Present Perfect: have lacked (3.person: has lacked)
Past Perfect: had lacked
Future Perfect: will have lacked
Past conditional: would have lacked

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