Definition of lack Pronunciation
1. A defect or failing; moral or spiritual degeneracy.
2. A deficiency or need (of something desirable or necessary); an absence, want.
3. To be without, to need, to require.
My life lacks excitement.
4. To be short (of or for something).
He'll never lack for company while he's got all that money.
5. To be in want.
6. To see the ‘lack’ in (someone or something); to find fault with, to malign, reproach.
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English - English - lack Pronunciation
n. need, want; shortage; absence
v. be short of; be without, be missing; need, want
n. lac, lacquer, varnish, glaze, enamel
English - Spanish - lack Pronunciation
s. falta, ausencia, carecimiento, carencia, cortedad, deficiencia, escaseamiento, escasez, insuficiencia
v. carecer de, adolecer de, estar desprovisto de, faltar, hacer falta, necesitar, ser careciente de, ser carente de; ser deficiente
English - French - lack Pronunciation
n. manque; pénurie; absence
v. manquer de, être dénué de
English - German - lack Pronunciation
n. Mangel; Knappheit; Abwesenheit
v. mangeln, ohne sein; fehlen
English - Indonesian - lack Pronunciation
n. kekurangan, ketidakcukupan, ketiadaan
v. kekurangan, berkekurangan, punya: tak punya, kurang
English - Italian - lack Pronunciation
s. difetto, scarsità, penuria, mancanza, insufficienza; vuoto
v. mancare di, difettare di, scarseggiare di; occorrere, avere bisogno di
English - Polish - lack Pronunciation
n. brak, niedostatek, niedosyt
v. posiadać: nie posiadać, dostawać: nie dostawać, cierpieć na brak czegoś
English - Portuguese - lack Pronunciation
s. falta, carência, ausência
v. faltar, carecer de; ser desprovido de
English - Romanian - lack Pronunciation
n. lipsă, nevoie, trebuinţă, articol care lipseşte, neajuns
v. lipsi: a-i lipsi, avea: nu avea, lipsi
English - Russian - lack Pronunciation
с. недостаток, отсутствие, нужда
г. испытывать недостаток, нуждаться, недоставать, не хватать, не иметь
English - Turkish - lack Pronunciation
f. olmamak, eksik olmak, yoksun olmak, ihtiyacı olmak
i. eksiklik, noksan, yokluk, yoksunluk
English - Ukrainian - lack Pronunciation
n. недостача, нестача, дефіцит, невистачка
v. нестача: відчувати нестачу, вистачати: не вистачати
German - English - lack Pronunciation
v. be short of; be without, be missing; need, want
English - Dutch - lack Pronunciation
zn. gebrek; bij gebrek aan-
ww. afwezig zijn; zonder-; -vrij; missen
English - Greek - lack Pronunciation
ουσ. στέρηση, έλλειψη
ρήμ. στερούμαι, έχω έλειψη από
German - Spanish - lack Pronunciation
n. charol (m), barniz (m), laca (f), maque (m)
German - French - lack Pronunciation
n. vernis (m)
German - Italian - lack Pronunciation
n. ceralacca (f), lacca (f), patina (f), vernice (f), verniciatura (f), violacciocca gialla {bot.} (f), smalto (m)
German - Russian - lack Pronunciation
n. лак (m), сургуч (m)
German - Turkish - lack Pronunciation
i. vernik (m), lak (m)
German - Dutch - lack Pronunciation
English - Arabic - lack Pronunciation
‏فقر، عوز، نقص، فقدان، عدم وجود، إحتياج، قلة‏
‏معوز، إحتاج، عوز‏
English - Chinese - lack Pronunciation
(名) 欠缺; 没有; 不足; 缺少的东西
(动) 缺乏, 不足, 短少; 缺少; 没有; 不足
English - Chinese - lack Pronunciation
(名) 欠缺; 沒有; 不足; 缺少的東西
(動) 缺乏, 不足, 短少; 缺少; 沒有; 不足
English - Hindi - lack Pronunciation
n. कमी, अभाव
v. अभाव होना, कमी होना, चाहना
English - Japanese - lack Pronunciation
(動) 欠く, 欠如する, 不足する, 無くなる; 不自由する
(名) 欠乏; 欠如; 不足; 無
English - Korean - lack Pronunciation
명. 결핍, 필요함; 부족함; 없슴, 결여
동. 부족하다; 없다, 결여되다; 필요하다
English - Vietnamese - lack Pronunciation
n. tình trạng thiếu, túng thiếu, không có đủ, sự thiếu thốn, sự túng thiếu
v. thiếu thốn, túng thiếu
German - Chinese - lack Pronunciation
[der] pl.Lacke 漆。清漆。(植物)桂竹香属。

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Synonyms for lack
1. need: require, want
2. deficiency: scarcity, insufficiency, need, dearth, scantiness, want, deficit
Verb forms for lack
Present participle: lacking
Present: lack (3.person: lacks)
Past: lacked
Future: will lack
Present conditional: would lack
Present Perfect: have lacked (3.person: has lacked)
Past Perfect: had lacked
Future Perfect: will have lacked
Past conditional: would have lacked