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English English - Definition of laggard 
n. slow person; retarded person; person who falls behind; person who moves slowly
adj. slow, backward; delayed; sluggish; lazy
Spanish English To Spanish - laggard 
s. vago, haragán, holgazán, rezagado, perezoso; tardío, moroso
adj. retardado, demorado; lento; perezoso
French English To French - laggard 
n. traînard, lambin; celui qui reste en arrière, à la traîne; celui qui s'attarde
adj. retardataire; lambin; traînard; paresseux; relâché
German English To German - laggard 
n. Nachzügler, Verspäter; Schlepper; Bummler
adj. langsam, bummelig; verspätet; faul
Italian English To Italian - laggard 
s. chi si attarda, chi indugia; ritardatario
agg. che indugia, che si attarda
Portuguese English To Portuguese - laggard 
s. retardatário; vadio
adj. retardado, atrasado; lento; preguiçoso, flácido
Russian English To Russian - laggard 
с. неповоротливый человек, увалень
прил. медлительный, вялый
Turkish English To Turkish - laggard 
i. tembel, ağır kimse, geç kalan kimse
s. tembel, ağır, geri kalan
Albanian English To Albanian - laggard 
n. ish-burgosur, njeri i ngathët, prapambetur: i prapambetur
adj. ngathët: i ngathët, javashtë: i javashtë, prapambetur: i prapambetur
Dutch English To Dutch - laggard 
zn. laatkomer, achterblijver; druiloor
bn. achterblijver, laatkomer, treuzelaar; druiloor, futloos figuur, slome duikelaar
Greek English To Greek - laggard 
επίθ. νωθρός, βραδυκίνητος
ChineseS English To ChineseS - laggard 
(名) 迟钝的人; 懒散的人; 落后者
(形) 迟钝的, 迟缓的; 落后的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - laggard 
(名) 遲鈍的人; 懶散的人; 落後者
(形) 遲鈍的, 遲緩的; 落後的
Japanese English To Japanese - laggard 
(形) のろい; 知恵遅れの; 鈍い; 怠惰な
(名) のろま; 知恵遅れ; 遅れ気味の人; 動作の遅い人
Korean English To Korean - laggard 
명. 느림보
형. 느림보의
noun: someone who takes more time than necessary; someone who lags behind
adjective: inclined to waste time and lag behind
adjective: wasting time


 Synonyms for laggard
gradual: deliberate, leisurely, unhurried, moderate, slow

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