Definition of laggard Pronunciation
1. Hanging back; loitering.
2. (animal husbandry) animal which does not grow as fast as the rest of the flock.
The laggard broilers are euthanized and incinerated.
3. One who lags behind and takes more time than is necessary.
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English - English - laggard Pronunciation
n. slow person; retarded person; person who falls behind; person who moves slowly
adj. slow, backward; delayed; sluggish; lazy
English - Spanish - laggard Pronunciation
s. vago, haragán, holgazán, rezagado, perezoso; tardío, moroso
adj. retardado, demorado; lento; perezoso
English - French - laggard Pronunciation
n. traînard, lambin; celui qui reste en arrière, à la traîne; celui qui s'attarde
adj. retardataire; lambin; traînard; paresseux; relâché
English - German - laggard Pronunciation
n. Nachzügler, Verspäter; Schlepper; Bummler
adj. langsam, bummelig; verspätet; faul
English - Italian - laggard Pronunciation
s. chi si attarda, chi indugia; ritardatario
agg. che indugia, che si attarda
English - Portuguese - laggard Pronunciation
s. retardatário; vadio
adj. retardado, atrasado; lento; preguiçoso, flácido
English - Russian - laggard Pronunciation
с. неповоротливый человек, увалень
прил. медлительный, вялый
English - Turkish - laggard Pronunciation
i. tembel, ağır kimse, geç kalan kimse
s. tembel, ağır, geri kalan
English - Dutch - laggard Pronunciation
zn. laatkomer, achterblijver; druiloor
bn. achterblijver, laatkomer, treuzelaar; druiloor, futloos figuur, slome duikelaar
English - Greek - laggard Pronunciation
επίθ. νωθρός, βραδυκίνητος
English - Chinese - laggard Pronunciation
(名) 迟钝的人; 懒散的人; 落后者
(形) 迟钝的, 迟缓的; 落后的
English - Chinese - laggard Pronunciation
(名) 遲鈍的人; 懶散的人; 落後者
(形) 遲鈍的, 遲緩的; 落後的
English - Japanese - laggard Pronunciation
(形) のろい; 知恵遅れの; 鈍い; 怠惰な
(名) のろま; 知恵遅れ; 遅れ気味の人; 動作の遅い人
English - Korean - laggard Pronunciation
명. 느림보
형. 느림보의

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Synonyms for laggard
gradual: deliberate, leisurely, unhurried, moderate, slow