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English English - Definition of leaden 
v. make heavy (like lead)
adj. heavy (like lead); sad, gloomy; gray, grayish, lacking brightness; oppressive; sluggish, listless; poor in quality; made of lead
Spanish English To Spanish - leaden 
v. hacer a algo pesado (como el plomo)
adj. plomizo, aplomado, de plomo, plúmbeo
French English To French - leaden 
v. devenu de plomb
adj. de plomb, lourd comme le plomb; morne; terne; pesant, lent, inférieur, de moindre qualité
German English To German - leaden 
v. bleiern
adj. schwer (wie Blei); betrübt; grau, gräulich; bedrückend; langsam; heruntergekommen, minderwertig; bleiern
Italian English To Italian - leaden 
v. impiombare; essere pesante come il piombo
agg. di piombo; plumbeo, livido; (fig) pesante come il piombo, greve; (fig) opprimente; (fig) inerte, lento, pigro
Portuguese English To Portuguese - leaden 
v. chumbar, tornar pesado (como chumbo)
adj. pesado (como chumbo); um pouco triste, melancólico; cinzento, acinzentado; opressivo; lento; baixo, inferior; fundido de poeira
Russian English To Russian - leaden 
прил. свинцовый, серый, тяжелый, медлительный, инертный, неповоротливый
Turkish English To Turkish - leaden 
s. kurşundan yapılmış, kurşuni
Albanian English To Albanian - leaden 
adj. plumbi, shtypës, plumb: prej plumbi, rëndë: i rëndë, zymtë: i zymtë
Dutch English To Dutch - leaden 
ww. een ding veroorzaken zwaar (lood) te worden (als lood)
bn. zwaar (als lood); loden; loodkleurig; deprimerend, benauwend; langzaam; verlaagd; gegoten lood
Greek English To Greek - leaden 
επίθ. μολύβδινος, βαρύς
ChineseS English To ChineseS - leaden 
(形) 铅的; 沉闷的, 呆滞的; 铅质的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - leaden 
(形) 鉛的; 沈悶的, 呆滯的; 鉛質的
Japanese English To Japanese - leaden 
(動) 鉛を被せる; 重くする
(形) 鉛の, 重い; 悲しい; 暗い; 重苦しい; 無気力な; 質の悪い; 鉛をつくる
Korean English To Korean - leaden 
형. 납으로 만든
adjective: (of movement) slow and laborious Example:Leaden steps.
adjective: made heavy or weighted down with weariness Example:His leaden arms.
adjective: lacking lightness or liveliness Example:A leaden conversation.
adjective: darkened with overcast Example:The sky was leaden and thick.


 Synonyms for leaden
1. made of lead: metallic, lead, pewter
2. colour: grey, dull
3. heavy: weighty, oppressive, burdensome, onerous

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