Definition of leaker Pronunciation
1. Somebody who leaks information.
2. Anything that leaks.
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English - English - leaker Pronunciation
n. person or thing that leaks, person or thing which allows something to get out or escape (fluid, information, etc.)
English - Spanish - leaker Pronunciation
s. infiltrado
English - French - leaker Pronunciation
n. responsable d'une fuite
English - German - leaker Pronunciation
n. Leck
English - Italian - leaker Pronunciation
s. infiltratore
English - Portuguese - leaker Pronunciation
s. goteira
English - Russian - leaker Pronunciation
n. человек, раскрывающий секретную информацию
English - Dutch - leaker Pronunciation
zn. lek
English - Chinese - leaker Pronunciation
(名) 透露消息者, 泄露情报者
English - Chinese - leaker Pronunciation
(名) 透露消息者, 洩露情報者
English - Japanese - leaker Pronunciation
(名) 漏るもの(液体や情報など)

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