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English English - Definition of legalism 
n. obsessive adherence to rules; pedantry; doctrine that salvation is gained through good works (Christianity)
Spanish English To Spanish - legalism 
s. legalismo, en forma legal, de acuerdo a la ley; legalismo gramatical
French English To French - legalism 
n. légalisme, fait d'observer la loi religieuse de façon stricte; rigueur, observation obsessionnelle des règles; doctrine selon laquelle le salut est gagné par les bonnes actions (Christiannisme)
German English To German - legalism 
n. Legalismus, Paragraphenreiterei, (fanatische) Gesetzlichkeit; Pedanterie
Italian English To Italian - legalism 
s. legalismo; (Teol) moralità
Portuguese English To Portuguese - legalism 
s. legalismo
Russian English To Russian - legalism 
приверженность букве закона
Turkish English To Turkish - legalism 
i. yasalara saygı, kanunlara uyma
Dutch English To Dutch - legalism 
zn. het overdreven in achtnemen van de wet
Greek English To Greek - legalism 
(Lex**) τυπολατρία
ChineseS English To ChineseS - legalism 
(名) 守法主义; 法律术语
ChineseT English To ChineseT - legalism 
(名) 守法主義; 法律術語
Japanese English To Japanese - legalism 
(名) 律法主義; お役所的形式主義; 法律尊重主義; 善行によって救いが得られるという教え(キリスト教)
noun: strict conformity to the letter of the law rather than its spirit


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