Definition of legalism Pronunciation
1. The school of thought originating in ancient China during the Warring States period and officially adopted during the Qin dynasty advocating rule of law as key to ensuring social stability.
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English - English - legalism Pronunciation
n. obsessive adherence to rules; pedantry; doctrine that salvation is gained through good works (Christianity)
English - Spanish - legalism Pronunciation
s. legalismo, en forma legal, de acuerdo a la ley; legalismo gramatical
English - French - legalism Pronunciation
n. légalisme, fait d'observer la loi religieuse de façon stricte; rigueur, observation obsessionnelle des règles; doctrine selon laquelle le salut est gagné par les bonnes actions (Christiannisme)
English - German - legalism Pronunciation
n. Legalismus, Paragraphenreiterei, (fanatische) Gesetzlichkeit; Pedanterie
English - Italian - legalism Pronunciation
s. legalismo; (Teol) moralità
English - Portuguese - legalism Pronunciation
s. legalismo
English - Russian - legalism Pronunciation
приверженность букве закона
English - Turkish - legalism Pronunciation
i. yasalara saygı, kanunlara uyma
English - Ukrainian - legalism Pronunciation
n. закон: відданість букві закону
English - Dutch - legalism Pronunciation
zn. het overdreven in achtnemen van de wet
English - Greek - legalism Pronunciation
(Lex**) τυπολατρία
English - Chinese - legalism Pronunciation
(名) 守法主义; 法律术语
English - Chinese - legalism Pronunciation
(名) 守法主義; 法律術語
English - Japanese - legalism Pronunciation
(名) 律法主義; お役所的形式主義; 法律尊重主義; 善行によって救いが得られるという教え(キリスト教)

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