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English English - Definition of liable 
adj. under legal obligation; responsible; likely, prone; susceptible, subject to
Spanish English To Spanish - liable 
adj. responsable, propenso, sujeto, susceptible
French English To French - liable 
adj. responsable; tenu, astreint à; redevable, passible; apte, enclin à
German English To German - liable 
adj. schuldig; verantwortlich, verantwortungsbewußt; verpflichtet; könnte...; gemacht für; für; zu erwarten
Italian English To Italian - liable 
agg. soggetto, obbligato, tenuto; portato, che ha tendenza; (Dir) responsabile
Portuguese English To Portuguese - liable 
adj. devedor; responsável, aquele que responde por algo; endividado; que tende a-; que pode-; suscetível a-; cujo futuro é-
Russian English To Russian - liable 
прил. обязанный, ответственный, подлежащий, подверженный, вероятный, возможный, доступный
Turkish English To Turkish - liable 
s. sorumlu, olası, mesul, yükümlü, eğilimli, duyarlı, muhtemel
Albanian English To Albanian - liable 
adj. detyruar: i detyruar, përgjegjës, rrezikuar: i rrezikuar, prekshëm: i prekshëm nga sëmundjet
Dutch English To Dutch - liable 
bn. schuldig; verantwoordelijke; is verantwoordelijk; verplicht; is in staat om-(meestal in negatieve zin); bestemd voor- (in negatieve zin); -staat hem te wachten
Greek English To Greek - liable 
επίθ. υποκείμενος, υπεύθυνος, υπόλογος, υπαίτιος
ChineseS English To ChineseS - liable 
(形) 有义务的, 有...倾向的, 应负责的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - liable 
(形) 有義務的, 有...傾向的, 應負責的
Japanese English To Japanese - liable 
(形) …しがちな; かかりやすい; 責任がある
Korean English To Korean - liable 
형. 책임을 져야 할; 법률상 책임을 져야 할; ...에 처해져야 할; ...하기 쉬운, ...할 것 같은, ...의 경향이 있는
adjective: held legally responsible Example:Men between the ages of 18 and 35 were liable for military service.


 Synonyms for liable
1. answerable: accountable, responsible, obliged, bound
2. subject: likely, prone, exposed, open, sensitive, obnoxious, in danger
3. prone: inclined, likely, apt

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