Definition of license Pronunciation
1. A legal document giving official permission to do something; a permit.
2. The legal terms under which a person is allowed to use a product, especially software.
Even if you bought this product, it does NOT belong to you. You have a license to use it under the terms of this agreement, until you breach this agreement.
3. Freedom to deviate deliberately from normally applicable rules or practices (especially in behavior or speech).
4. Excessive freedom; lack of due restraint.
5. An academic degree, the holder of which is called a licentiate, ranking slightly below doctorate, awarded by certain European and Latin-American universities.
6. The act of giving a formal (usually written) authorization.
It was decided to license Wikipedia under the GFDL.
7. Authorize officially.
I am licensed to practice law in this state.
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English - English - license Pronunciation
n. official permission, authorization; document which shows proof of authorization, certificate; freedom (of action, belief, etc.); lack of restraint, excessive freedom
v. issue a license, grant a permit; authorize, permit, allow
English - Spanish - license Pronunciation
s. licencia, consentimiento, diploma, permiso, visto bueno
v. licenciar, autorizar, certificar, dar licencia; vender bajo licencia
English - French - license Pronunciation
n. permission, autorisation; droit; permis, licence; liberté artistique; agitation: manque de retenue, liberté excessive
v. accorder un permis; autoriser; permettre; donner la liberté de
English - German - license Pronunciation
n. Lizenz; Erlaubnis; Genehmigung; Erlaubnis; Glaubensfreiheit; Ausschreitung, Lockerlassen der Zügel
v. Genehmigung, Lizenz
English - Italian - license Pronunciation
s. licenza; patente; permesso; tassa da pagare
v. concedere una licenza a; permettere, autorizzare
English - Portuguese - license Pronunciation
s. licença; permissão; autorização; direito; liberdade artística; soltura das amarras, rebeldia
v. dar licença; autorizar, permitir; dar liberdade
English - Russian - license Pronunciation
с. лицензия, патент, разрешение; распущенность, разнузданность; отклонение от нормы, отклонение от правила
г. разрешать, выдавать патент
English - Turkish - license Pronunciation
f. izin vermek, ruhsat vermek, yetki vermek
i. lisans, ruhsat, ehliyet, evlenme cüzdanı, özgürlüğün kötüye kullanılması, aşırı serbestlik
English - Dutch - license Pronunciation
zn. rijbewijs, vergunning; (het) verstrekken van vergunningen; permissie; veroordeling; artistieke vrijheid; wanordelijkheid; onbeteugeld
ww. verlenen van een vergunning; toestaan; vrijheid geven
English - Greek - license Pronunciation
ουσ. άδεια, υπερβολική ελευθερεία, επαγγελματική άδεια
ρήμ. δίδω άδεια
English - Chinese - license Pronunciation
(名) 许可; 执照
(动) 许可
English - Chinese - license Pronunciation
(名) 許可; 執照
(動) 許可
English - Japanese - license Pronunciation
(名) 許可; 許可証; 気まま
(動) 許可を与える, 認可する
English - Korean - license Pronunciation
명. 면허, 허가, 권한; 면허증, 허가증; 지나친 자유, 방종
동. 면허하다, 인가하다; 허락하다

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Verb forms for license
Present participle: licensing
Present: license (3.person: licenses)
Past: licensed
Future: will license
Present conditional: would license
Present Perfect: have licensed (3.person: has licensed)
Past Perfect: had licensed
Future Perfect: will have licensed
Past conditional: would have licensed