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English German To English - licht 
n. light, lamp, illumination, daylight, shine, glow
English Dutch To English - licht 
adv. lightly, with little weight; with little force; easily, without difficulty
adj. light, not heavy; brightening, casting light; gentle, not forceful
n. light, illumination; lamp
French Dutch To French - licht 
1. (gewicht) léger 2. (huid) clair; blanc; blond 3. (kleur) pâle; clair
4. (kleding) léger 5. (zacht) doux; léger 6. (algemeen) lumière (f)
7. (elektriciteit) lumière (f) 8. (daglicht) lumière du jour; lumière du soleil
Dutch German To Dutch - licht 
ChineseS German To ChineseS - licht 
French German To French - licht 
n. bougie (f), lumière (f), chandelle (f), feu (m), intérieur (m)
adj. clairsemé
Italian German To Italian - licht 
n. luce (f), illuminazione (f), corrente (f), elettricità (f), candela (f), sorgente luminosa (f), bagliore (m), giorno (m), splendore (m), lume (m), luce: effetto di luce (m),
adj. chiaro, luminoso, splendente, rado, lucido, buono
Russian German To Russian - licht 
n. свет (n), освещение (n), светило (n), огонь (n), фонарь (n)
Spanish German To Spanish - licht 
n. luz (f), claro (m), claridad (f), alumbrado (m), iluminación (f), lámpara (f), vela (f), bujía (f), farol (m), faro (m), candela (f), claror (m), lumbre (f)
adj. claro, luminoso, ralo, lúcido
Turkish German To Turkish - licht 
i. aydınlık (n), ışık (n), lamba (n), çırağ (n)


 Synonyms for licht
3. freundlich:

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