Definition of lien Pronunciation
1. A large dark-red oval organ on the left side of the body between the stomach and the diaphragm; produces cells involved in immune responses.
2. The right to take another's property if an obligation is not discharged.
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English - English - lien Pronunciation
n. right to confiscate a piece of property in place of payment for a debt (Law); spleen (Anatomy)
n. bond, connection; nexus; link (Computers); tie, knot
v. tie, tie up, bind; roll
English - Spanish - lien Pronunciation
s. gravamen, obligación; derecho de retención, embargo
English - French - lien Pronunciation
n. droit de rétention, asservissement, confiscation (juridique); rate
English - German - lien Pronunciation
n. Retentionsrecht, Pfandrecht (Gericht)
English - Italian - lien Pronunciation
s. (Dir) vincolo, legame
English - Portuguese - lien Pronunciation
s. penhor, garantia; baço
English - Russian - lien Pronunciation
с. право наложения ареста на имущество должника, залоговое право, залог
English - Turkish - lien Pronunciation
i. ihtiyati haciz, geçici haciz, ipotek
French - English - lien Pronunciation
(m) n. bond, connection; nexus; link (Computers); tie, knot
English - Albanian - lien Pronunciation
n. pengim si garanci pagese [drejt.]
English - Dutch - lien Pronunciation
zn. slecht humeur, wrevel; beslaglegging, beslag leggen op
English - Greek - lien Pronunciation
ουσ. επίσχεση
French - Spanish - lien Pronunciation
1. (général) enlace (m)
2. (chaîne) eslabón (m)
3. (droit) incautación (f); embargo (m) 4. (personne) lazo (m); vínculo (m)
French - German - lien Pronunciation
n. fessel, verknüpfung, verbindung, zusammenhang, band, bindeglied
French - Italian - lien Pronunciation
1. (général) collegamento (m)
2. (chaîne) anello (m); maglia (f)
3. (droit) sequestro (m) 4. (personne) legame (m)
French - Portuguese - lien Pronunciation
1. (général) conexão (f)
2. (chaîne) elo (m)
3. (droit) embargo (m); arresto (m) 4. (personne) laço (m); elo (m)
French - Russian - lien Pronunciation
n. связь (m), место (тех.) (m), положение (тех.) (m), подкос (тех.) (m), ригель (тех.) (m), строп (тех.) (m)
French - Turkish - lien Pronunciation
[le] bağ; zincir; paraçol; bağ, ilişik, ilgi
French - Dutch - lien Pronunciation
1. (général) verbinding (f); aansluiting (f); koppeling (f)
2. (chaîne) schakel (m/f)
3. (droit) beslaglegging (f) 4. (personne) band (m); binding (f)
English - Chinese - lien Pronunciation
(名) 留置权, 抵押权, 优先权
English - Chinese - lien Pronunciation
(名) 留置權, 抵押權, 優先權
English - Japanese - lien Pronunciation
(名) 担保権(法律); 脾臓(解剖学)
English - Korean - lien Pronunciation
명. 선취 특권

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Synonyms for lien
confiscation: attachment, garnishment, expropriation, sequestration